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Published on October 14, 2015

Truebeam Radiothearapy Technology Improves Cancer Care

Benefits of Truebeam™ Technology

The addition of the TrueBeam Linear Accelerator has significantly impacted Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare's cancer care program. The new technology allows us to pinpoint tumors more precisely, saving healthy tissue and decreasing treatment time for patients.

How It Works

The TrueBeam technology rotates around the patient to deliver a prescribed radiation dose from nearly any angle. It combines imaging, beam delivery and sophisticated RapidArc technology to accurately and precisely target tumors with greater speed.

New Techniques in Breast Cancer Radiation

In traditional radiation treatment for left-sided breast cancers, a portion of heart muscle and blood vessels are exposed to radiation due to their nearness to the left chest wall and breast. Dr. Shannon Offerman is using the TrueBeam technology to perform a new technique called Deep Inspiration Breath Hold. This new development protects more of the normal heart and lung tissue when treating breast cancer. 

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold

In this technique, a patient takes a deep breath in and holds it for the 15-20 seconds that the radiation machine is on. This allows the diaphragm to fall, and in the process the heart moves away from the chest wall and breast tissue. This allows us to protect most, if not all, of the heart from exposure to the radiation.

Inspiration Deep Breath Hold Technique

The machine also has an infrared camera that creates an image of the surface of the patient’s body while holding the breath. If a patient were to move out of position, or breathe out too soon, the cameras would sense this and immediately turn the radiation machine off. This is another way that we can be sure we are only delivering the radiation dose where it needs to go.

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TrueBeam Radiotherapy Technology Improves Cancer Care