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Published on January 03, 2017

Top 10 Tips for Reaching a Healthy Weight

How many diets have you started year after year? If you haven’t been successful at reaching and keeping a healthy weight, it’s time to rethink all the crazy things you do to try to lose it.

Take a look at our top 10 tips to help you shed unwanted pounds, once and for all! OK, so you may be thinking, “I’ve heard all of this before”. You’re probably right. But taking at least some of these tips to heart will help you more than any of those fad diets. Slower, smarter weight loss is better for your health and can last a lifetime.

  1. Start by loving yourself just the way you are. Like we nourish our bodies with good food, it’s important to nourish our mind and spirit with positive, loving thoughts about ourselves. Constantly punishing ourselves with negative self-talk because we’re too fat or failed sends us down a spiral that can cause us to eat even more. Look in the mirror right now and tell yourself how wonderful you are, just the way you are.
  2. Know your food triggers. A lot of over eating is triggered by our emotions. Do you really want to eat something or is something eating you? Pause for a few minutes and identify and acknowledge the feelings associated with overeating. It’s likely your desire to eat may pass.
  3. Stop dieting and start living. To most of us, a diet is like a punishment with months of deprivation. Instead, think of it as a road map to a lifetime of good health – body, mind and spirit.
  4. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. If you let yourself get really hungry you’ll be more likely to binge on anything in site. Eat three right–sized balanced meals and make room for a morning and afternoon snack.
  5. Add more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eating more fruits, veggies and whole grains is good for your overall health and helps you stay full longer. If you’re full with all of the good things, you may cut back what’s not so good for you.
  6. Stay away from white. White flour, sugar, rice – you get the picture. Eating these foods, with little or no nutritional content, can increase your desire to binge eat and pile on hundreds of empty calories.
  7. Drink water. It’s important to drink 8-10 glasses a day. It keeps you hydrated and helps flush your body. Try drinking a tall glass before each meal. You’ll feel fuller and eat less. Add a wedge of lemon, lime or orange for a little zip.
  8. Keep active. Activity is important to increase your metabolism and build a stronger, healthier body. No one’s saying you have to run a marathon or work out at a gym like a maniac. Find something you enjoy like a morning or evening walk and take it from there. Just get moving.
  9. Phone a friend. When the urge to eat is overwhelming or you really just want to lay on that couch instead of head out for a walk, identify a friend you can call for encouragement.
  10. Consider the benefits of joining a program. Some people do better in a weight management program than on their own. There are a lot of options out there. We suggest you steer clear from the quick weight loss schemes and go with a reasonable program that will help you with lifelong change.

Weight Loss & Management Support

If you’d like a little extra support or personalized resources to help you along your journey to a healthier body, mind and spirit, consider our ReNew You Weight Management program.

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Top 10 Tips for Reaching a Healthy Weight