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Published on October 24, 2016

Tips & Tricks for a Healthier Halloween

We usually don't think of Halloween as a "healthy" holiday – or a holiday where we give back to others – but it can be if you follow these tips and tricks! 

Donate Extra Halloween Candy ... Help Others

We love's excellent ideas for donating extra Halloween candy that will make our community and world a better place:

  • Donate Candy to Children in Need
    Help others right here in our community by donating your leftover candy to shelters, food pantries and churches. Before you show up with bags of goodies, though, be sure to call first to make sure they can use it.
  • Donate Candy to Our Troops
    Operation Gratitude allows you to box up your candy (minus any chocolate as it can melt in transit), include a note or drawing from your kids, and send it to their headquarters in California. Include an extra $15 donation if you'd like to help them pay for mailing the treats overseas. 

Sell Your Candy to a Dentist

If your kids prefer cash to candy, check out the Halloween Candy Buyback website, which makes it easy to find a local dentist who participates. Dentists in this program then send their candy collection to Operation Gratitude themselves. It's a win-win for everyone!

Dispose of Your Pumpkin in an Eco-Friendly Way

If you're looking for environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your used pumpkins, offers some excellent suggestions.

Make These Healthy (and Tasty) Pumpkin Recipes

Test Out Your Halloween Safety Knowledge

Halloween can be full of fun and excitement, but it’s also a time for trick-or-treaters to be careful. Take our quiz to help ensure your family's safety. 

Have a happy, healthy and safe Halloween!

Tips & Tricks for a Healthier Halloween