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The Women’s Outpatient Center Receives $50,000 from the United Way

From July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014, the Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Women’s Outpatient Center had a record number of patients. In total, 1,057 patients received prenatal care of which 744 delivered. One reason the United Way continues to fund the Center is because of their excellent birth outcomes and that is due to the staff who understand their patient’s needs and provide excellent care.

Women's Oupatient Center

In total, 85 percent of patients had a birth outcome of greater than 2500 grams and 37 weeks gestation; 87 percent carried their baby to term; 88 percent had a baby with a healthy birth weight. More impressively, 49 percent of the patients began their prenatal care in the first trimester, with 92 percent beginning in their first or second trimester. A total of 55 percent of patients were breastfeeding. We are very excited about women getting their prenatal care earlier, which leads to improved birth outcomes.

There are other exciting things happening in the Center. Our CenteringPregnancy program is also having a positive impact on patients. CenteringPregnancy is a form of prenatal care that is group based and allows the mother to have the father or other support person attend groups. Last year, a total of 67 women chose to participate in this program. Of our Centering patients, 90 percent had healthy birth outcomes and 74 percent were breastfeeding. This is compared to our general Women's Outpatient Center patients of whom 85 percent had healthy birth outcomes and 55 percent breastfed. Centering allows our patients to develop everlasting relationships with other pregnant women, which is a proven predictor of healthy birth outcomes.

Women's Outpatient Center Stork's Nest

The funding from the United Way will help support the ancillary services offered in the Center's that are not reimbursable by insurance but are integral to improving birth outcomes. These services include educational programs such as safe sleep, car seat safety, and period of purple crying. It will also support supplies such as portable cribs, car seats, materials for the Storks Nest (an incentive based program in which patients get points for attending medical appointments and educational sessions and can use the points to shop in the onsite store) and patient educational materials. And, it will help to support social worker salaries that help connect patients with community resources and other needs patients have to be successful.

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Women's Outpatient Center Receives United Way Gift