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Women’s Outpatient Center Receives a Total of $100,000 from the United Way

One of the reasons the Women’s Outpatient Center is successful in improving birth outcomes, especially with those at highest risk, is due to their patient centered model of care. This means that the patient is not only given quality medical care, but connects them with additional services as well as flexibility in prenatal appointments.


In essence, we recognize that prenatal care is essential but is not entirely effective without social services and other innovative programming. Our years of experience has proven that expectant mothers are more likely to engage in continuous care during their current and subsequent pregnancies when they have support that meets their medical, financial and social needs. Therefore, we surround our patients with highly competent professionals and implement various programs to give all participants the best care and the healthiest start for their infants.

Some of the specialized services include:

  • CenteringPregnancy® is an evidence-based prenatal care program that groups six to eight women with similar due dates in a class that meets 10 times throughout the pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Baby Safe Sleep Program educates parents about safe sleeping and provides free portable cribs to families that otherwise could not afford them.
  • Storks Nest rewards patients with points when they attend prenatal visits and educational sessions. Points are redeemed in the on-site Stork's Nest shop stocked with infant supplies.
  • Car Seat Safety Initiative trains participants in installing and properly using car seats. After successfully completing the training, families receive a free car seat.
  • Breastfeeding Initiative is a group based program in which mothers who are nursing their infants talk to expectant mothers about their experience and the reasons they chose to breastfeed. Through this initiative, breastfeeding rates, specifically for African-American mothers, have improved.
  • First Breath Smoking Cessation Program identifies pregnant tobacco users and creates individualized smoking cessation plans for them, including post-pregnancy follow-up care and support.

Other services that help patients achieve healthy outcomes include extended clinic hours beyond the typical 9 am – 5 pm office hours. The Center's staff also will do their best to see a patient if she arrives an hour or a day late as they understand the barriers faced by patients and want them to succeed!

All of our components, from staffing to programming, work in tandem to improve overall health and healthy birth outcomes for our patients.

We are extremely appreciative of the additional funding from the United Way! We look forward to providing you with updates of the Center's successes as the year progresses.

Learn more about the Women's Outpatient Center and special programs for moms and families.

Women's Outpatient Center Receives Funding from the United Way