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Foundation for St. Francis and Franklin’s Discover the Heart & Soul Fundraising Breakfast Raises Close to $20,000

Over 100 guests attending the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – Foundation for St. Francis and Franklin’s Discover the Heart and Soul Fundraising Breakfast on Friday, May 30th at the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – Franklin.

The event was a tremendous success, raising close to $20,000 in just one hour. Every dollar raised will go directly to the programs at Wheaton supported by the Foundations, eliminating barriers for the most vulnerable in our communities to access affordable and quality healthcare options.

Hosted by WISN-12 News This Morning’s Thema Ponton, guests watched videos featuring patients and staff from the Neurology department at St. Francis and Cancer Care department at the Reiman Center for Cancer Care. In addition, Lisa McInnes, Occupational Therapist in the Mental Health and Addiction Care unit at St. Francis, gave a moving speech about the changing needs of mental health care in Milwaukee County and the impact those changes will have on St. Francis.

  • Coreen Dicus-Johnson and Thema Ponton
  • Nell Blohm, Nancy Harmeyer and Pauline Dalton
  • Tina Kreitlow

Along with Lisa’s speech, these videos demonstrated not only the compassionate care delivered every day throughout our hospitals, but also the profound importance of the work in each of these departments. Guests left with a greater understanding of how the associates of Wheaton live out our mission every day and of our vision for the future.

The Reiman Center for Cancer Care is a full service cancer center offering an innovative treatment model for patients. Our holistic approach addresses medical, physical, emotional and spiritual needs ensuring comprehensive care for every patient – and their families. Everything from the layout of the building to the scheduling of appointments has been designed with the needs patient at heart. The patients who seek treatment at the Reiman Center are given personalized treatments which offer the highest level of care and support to help combat their illness.

The neurology department’s recent addition of the Center for Neurological Disorders has opened up treatment to a wide range of patients. These patients suffer from debilitating neurological disorders including stroke, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Through the department’s care and services, which work to ease the pain of the disorders and provide care at substantially lower costs, many patients receive a level of care which may not have been accessible at other treatment facilities. Furthermore, specialized programs for specific disorders have been instituted, such as yoga classes for multiple sclerosis patients, which provide a deeper level of care for patients.

The adult inpatient Mental and Behavioral Health Unit at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – St. Francis focuses on the treatment of individuals undergoing a crisis state and those at risk of complications related to alcohol or drug abuse. The combined knowledge and experience of our care team – staffed by psychiatrists, nurses and therapists – offer unique treatment options such as Music Therapy and Art Therapy to help transcend language barriers and connect to each patient, while providing them with the tools they need to re-enter their community and overcome their disorder.

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To give a gift, visit the Foundations for St. Francis and Franklin web page or call 414-647-5124.

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Heart & Soul Breakfast Raises Close to $20,000