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Gallery Night Brightens Reiman Center for Cancer Care

Gallery NightOn June 19, 2015, Wheaton Franciscan Cancer Care – Reiman Center, St. Francis hosted its inaugural Gallery Night event in which staff, patients and community members gathered to brighten the space in which our cancer patients receive treatment.

One of our very dedicated cancer doctors, Dr. Michael Christensen, had a vision and took the initiative to make the vision of Gallery Night a reality. He recognized that the Reiman Center, which provides cutting edge treatments and extraordinary care to the patients and families who walk through its doors every day, had an opportunity to serve our patients in a more innovative and dynamic way. It wasn’t through a new drug or treatment plan but through the unique power of visual art.

Beyond the physical infrastructure of our treatment space, we aspired to have a bright and inspiring environment where patients weren’t just focused on their treatment but on their life beyond cancer. We also know that cancer touches the entire family and that physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is an important part of any treatment plan. Art can transport us to new places and mindsets and that’s exactly why a team of individuals worked so hard to ensure this vision was realized.

Art doesn’t just serve an aesthetic purpose. Many studies have found that visual art has a strong, positive physiological effect on the brain. Faster recovery times, reduction in pain medications and decreased stress levels have all been cited as meaningful and real effects of art’s purpose and place in health care environments.

The featured artist for the evening, Zaneta Cainion, was personally touched by cancer when her father was diagnosed and ultimately lost his battle. Her beautiful pieces are currently on display at the Reiman Center for patients and visitors to enjoy.

Gallery Night Brightens Reiman Center for Cancer Care