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New Giving Opportunity – The Dan Mattes Innovation and Technology Fund

At Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, we believe in supporting and extending generosity towards causes that work to better our community. An especially important cause to our family at Wheaton is the Dan Mattes Innovation and Technology Fund, which was recently created by the Foundation for St. Francis and Franklin in appreciation of Dan Mattes’ years of service and unwavering commitment to the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare mission and ministry.

Dan Mattes

Dan served as a member of the Wheaton team for several years as an influential and inspiring figure. After joining the organization in 1992, Dan worked in financial analysis, business development and hospital operations. In 2008, Dan was promoted to the position of President of the Central Market, where he oversaw Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - St. Francis, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Franklin, Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital, and over 40 area clinics.

Dan was often lauded as a visionary. His ability to plan for growth at Wheaton led to key developments, such as the outpatient center in Wauwatosa, Franklin hospital, the Franklin Medical Office Building expansion, the Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital, and the St. Francis Outpatient Center. But what made Dan so special was his gift for building relationships. Dan was the ultimate, genuine nice guy, always cracking jokes with physicians, leaders and associates. His personality drew people in and motivated everyone to do their best. Regardless of whether he was having a conversation with a vice president or a housekeeper, Dan always made everyone he came into contact with the most important person in the room.

Dan’s spirit and vision inspired all of us to reach for new heights. Throughout his career, Dan maintained a focus on bringing the latest and most sophisticated technologies to our facilities. The Dan Mattes Innovation and Technology Fund will further his legacy within the Wheaton organization through an endowment by providing support for innovations in medical systems, therapies, drugs, and medical devices, in order to enhance patient care throughout the Central Market and to ensure that our hospitals remain at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements.

Dan’s dedication to the mission and ministry of Wheaton made him a role model for other associates. He embodied our values of Respect, Integrity, Development, Excellence, and Stewardship. The Fund is an especially significant cause due to its goals of bettering both our hospitals and remembering the man who selflessly worked to serve his community. By extending your generosity to the Fund, you are not only benefiting the community but also continuing the legacy of a man who shaped hospitals, communities and lives through his spirit and vision.

Give to the Dan Mattes Innovation and Technology Fund or call 414-647-5124 for more information.

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The Dan Mattes Innovation & Technology Fund