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Foundation Receives $10,000 Award from the Catholic Community Foundation

The Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Foundation for St. Francis and Franklin is proud to announce that it has received a grant award of $10,000 from the Catholic Community Foundation in support of its Mental Health Therapeutic and Resource Program at St. Francis hospital.

With the recent increase in patients visiting the Mental and Behavioral Health Unit at St. Francis hospital, the Foundation for St. Francis and Franklin has an opportunity to provide support for a patient population in desperate need of mental health services. These patients suffer from a wide range of mental and behavioral health disorders including those undergoing a crisis state and those at risk of complications related to drug or alcohol abuse.

Mental Health Unit Staff

The Foundation’s new Mental Health Therapeutic and Resource Program will enable us to provide services and support programs that complement treatments provided at the Mental and Behavioral Health Unit. These treatments include music and art therapy, which work to transcend traditional language barriers and speak uniquely to each patient as an individual and provide patients with coping mechanisms that can be used in everyday situations after treatment. In addition, new computer kiosks within the unit will allow patients to search for opportunities after treatment and prepare themselves for life after discharge.

While these programs are needed to provide important complementary services and support for patients suffering from debilitating mental and behavioral health disorders, the cause is also a mission-driven initiative that embodies the mission, vision and values of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, demonstrating our values of compassion, transformation and respect for human dignity.

Wisconsin’s current public health system provides services to only 22 percent of adults who live with serious mental illnesses. St. Francis is one of the last remaining mental health facilities in the Milwaukee County area, making it a vital treatment center for those who would otherwise have no other treatment options. We are incredibly grateful to the Catholic Community Foundation for their generosity and commitment to removing barriers for vulnerable populations to access quality and affordable care.

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Catholic Community Foundation Award