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Published on March 07, 2016

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Health When Travelling Abroad

Paris in the spring? A Mediterranean cruise this summer? Preparing for your vacation abroad should go beyond picking out comfy shoes and renewing your passport. There are many health-related precautions you need to take care of well in advance of your departure.

"Finding information online can't replace having a personal relationship with a doctor who is very familiar with travelling abroad and who can make specific recommendations in the context of your own health history," says Robert Gullberg, MD, Adult Medicine/Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine specialist.

If you're planning to travel outside the U.S., particularly to Africa, Asia and Latin America, it is important to talk with a travel medicine specialist weeks prior to your trip.

Generally, doctors who specialize in travel medicine are experts in infectious diseases. Their expertise includes knowledge of specific geographical locations and information about health conditions and disease outbreaks in different countries. They know the requirements for vaccinations and are aware of health reports, availability of medications, and other health care treatments for specific diseases.

"The All Saints Travel Clinic addresses things travelers need to know," says Dr. Gullberg. "We talk about what immunizations travelers need, depending on what country they're going to; what prescriptions they should take with them; what other health problems people may face when they travel, or other non-infectious things. We also discuss topics like insurance, what they need to know if they get into an accident, information about blood transfusions, and other issues they may not even consider."

Some of these vaccines require two to four weeks lead time to become effective. So, a phone call to the Travel Clinic should be high on the "to do" list as soon as a trip is planned.

Don't let your vacation plans be overshadowed by lack of planning. Call the All Saints Travel Clinic today at 262-687-8310.

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Don’t Forget to Pack Your Health When Travelling Abroad