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Published on April 08, 2016

Community Care Program Eases Stress for Racine Family

Mariana lives in Racine and doesn’t speak English. She lives with her adult daughter who was driving her to a free clinic in Illinois to receive medical care for her diabetes. They didn’t know where else to go, but Mariana’s health was deteriorating and the long drives were getting harder. The situation was causing financial stress on the family who had limited access to transportation. That’s when they found out about Cinthia Vega, a financial advocate at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints, who also happens to speak Spanish.

Vega was able to communicate with Mariana, schedule an appointment with a primary care physician and inform her about other services available to her. With help from Vega and her physician, Mariana was eventually able to get her diabetes under control.

“My mom’s health is greatly improved now that she has regular checkups. She looks and feels so much better and that relieves stress for our whole family,” said Mariana’s daughter, Annabell.

But Vega didn’t stop with just getting Mariana the medical care she desperately needed; she helped find a way to pay for it as well. Vega helped enroll Mariana in Wheaton’s Community Care program that assists qualified individuals in financial need to pay for medically necessary health care services at Wheaton facilities. Community Care paid for all of Marian’s medical expenses to the relief of the entire family.

“Wheaton has been a great choice of care for my mother, because it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like or what language you speak. Wheaton staff has been caring and helpful, and they have always treated us with respect,” Annabell commented.

Annabell went on to share, “I don’t have adequate words to explain what this means to me and my mom. All I can say is that I believe my mother is alive and healthy thanks to the excellent care she received and continues to receive at Wheaton.”

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Community Care Program Eases Stress for Racine Family