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Published on October 01, 2016

Community Care Program Eases Financial Stress for Patient

Since receiving her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in 2008, Janine Howell has worked hard to manage her symptoms so she can be the best wife and mother to her three children. And with the help of an extremely expensive medication called Tysabri, she’s been able to push aside her wheelchair and even work a part-time job.

“Tysabri has been a lifesaver for managing my MS,” Janine said. “I’ve seen vast improvement in my daily life and my last two MRIs have even shown me to be clinically stable.”

Her stability was threatened, however, when Janine’s husband lost his job. While they were unable to afford the COBRA payments for health insurance, unemployment made them ineligible for BadgerCare as a family.

“I was panicked because I knew there was absolutely no way we could afford the $15,000+ in medication costs in addition to covering everyday living expenses,” Janine said.

That’s when Sue Hider, a Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare financial counselor, stepped in to help. Sue worked with the pharmaceutical company to obtain financial assistance for Janine’s Tysabri infusions. She also helped Janine secure financial assistance through Wheaton’s Community Care program, which provides free or discounted health services to those who cannot afford to pay and who meet criteria for financial assistance.

Thanks to Sue’s knowledge and expertise, Janine never had to miss a critical treatment.

“Without a doubt, Sue is an angel,” Janine said. “She made everything seem manageable. She was amazing and eliminated any stress. I am so grateful for the care I’ve received from Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare.”

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Community Care Program Eases Financial Stress for Patient