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Published on October 01, 2016

Community Care Program Eases Financial Burden for Aging Couple

Throughout his life, Gilbert Miller had a myriad health issues. Now, at age 81, he is currently battling melanoma.

“I was a sun worshipper in my younger days,” Gilbert said.

His wife, Judy, 77, was always the picture of health. That is, until recently, when she was diagnosed with lung, breast and bone cancer.

Together, Gilbert and Judy raised three grown children and have five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Now, as a result of their declining health, they also have a multitude of medical bills. But with the help of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare’s Community Care financial assistance program, the Millers have been able to focus on their family and not on how they will afford costly, but life-saving medical care. Wheaton’s Community Care program provides free or discounted health services to those who cannot afford to pay and who meet criteria for financial assistance.

Sue Hider, a financial counselor for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – St. Francis, has been a godsend for Gilbert and Judy. “Sue is just the best,” Judy said. “We can call her up any time we receive a bill and she tells us not to worry about it.”

Gilbert said Sue follows up with him and his wife regularly to make sure they are not stressed by the bills they receive. “Sue is so good to us,” he said. “We know she’ll take care of everything.”

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Community Care Program Eases Financial Burden for Aging Couple