Hospital Security Services - St. Joseph - Ascension Wisconsin

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Convenient Assistance When You Need It

Security Services at Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Campus is dedicated to the care, convenience, safety and security of all patients, visitors and guests. Learn more about how we enhance your visit!

Need a Hand?

Please feel free to access any of our services by contacting the security dispatcher at 414-447-2154 (ext. 2154 from any in-house telephone). We are available 24 hours a day to serve you.

  • Helplines - Housed in brightly colored yellow boxes, Helpline telephones can be found  throughout the parking structure and at our hospital entrance. Just pick up the receiver to connect directly to our dispatcher.
  • Emergency Response - In an emergency, dial ext. 3333 from any in-house telephone to request security assistance.
  • Jump-Start Service - For that car battery that just won't get going, we provide vehicle jump-starting service 24 hours a day. Call the Help Desk at 414-447-2000.
  • Lost & Found - We maintain a lost and found service. If you lost an item, please call 414-447-2154.
  • Escort & Shuttle Service - If you need help getting to our entrance once you parked your car in our structure, let us know. Security provides an escort and shuttle service to and from your parked vehicle 24 hours a day. Contact the dispatcher directly at 414-447-2154 or use any of the Helplines to request these services.
  • Ambulatory Assistance - Use any Helpline or call the security dispatcher at 414-447-2154 to request assistance. When you call, please tell us if you need a wheelchair and we will provide it!

Other Value-Added Services

  • Keeping Your Valuables Safe - Patients are encouraged to leave valuables at home, but if they are brought to the hospital, we provide a safe place for storage and safekeeping. Call 414-447-2154 to use this service.
  • Neighborhood & Campus Patrol - Random patrols of the hospital campus and adjacent neighborhood are conducted 24 hours a day.
  • Training & Consulting - The Security Department offers numerous training programs, including personal security awareness and defensive tactics classes. Consulting services are also available, such as physical security and theft prevention surveys. For more information about these programs, call 414-447-2083.

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