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Patient Stories

At Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Campus, we strive to follow the example of St. Francis of Assisi who taught us to reach out to others - to console, to understand, to love, and to be compassionate. You can feel this spirit of compassion in the stories our patients tell.

We invite you to read their stories below or tell us your story.

Women’s Outpatient Center: Making a Difference

Lakisha Stinson knows all too well the devastating affects of premature birth. Her first baby was born at just 26 weeks. The baby girl Lakisha named Kelviana weighed just 1 pound, 15 oz. She subsequently died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So, several years later when Lakisha found herself pregnant again, and she was scared. “I didn’t want to deal with what happened with my first baby,” she recalled.

So she went to the Women’s Outpatient Center at St. Joseph. "The people at the Women’s Outpatient Center really helped," said Lakisha, who is now the proud mother of a healthy baby girl named Rashyia.

Read Lakisha's story.

The Little Things

Pattie Morales found herself on bed-rest when an ultrasound at 20 weeks revealed she had placenta previa. "The diagnosis came totally out of the blue," Pattie said.

Read Pattie's story.

Providing a ‘Safe Haven’

Having already been through the ups and downs of traditional adoption, Stephanie and Ben Weiler were more than open when their caseworker asked if they’d be interested in pursuing a “low legal risk” adoption. Eight days later they were holding two-day-old James Benjamin, one of 24 infants relinquished under Wisconsin’s Safe Haven Law in 2008, and one of 12 infants relinquished at St. Joseph Campus, in Milwaukee, that year.

Read Stephanie and Ben's story.

High-risk Pregnancy: Making it Through the Storm

An ultrasound early in Cori Huston’s pregnancy showed Cori was pregnant with triplets; however, a follow-up ultrasound a few weeks later revealed something else – a large blood clot in Cori’s uterus. Her pregnancy was then classified as high-risk.

Read Cori's story.

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