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Endowment Funds


To support the mission of Wheaton Franciscan - St. Joseph Campus by: promoting and strengthening the image, role, and identity of St. Joseph to others; generating resources for St. Joseph through focused cultivation, and fundraising and being responsible stewards of the Foundation assets.

A Strong Foundation for the Future

St. Joseph Campus has served the community since 1879, when three Franciscan Sisters established a home nursing ministry in Milwaukee. Today, St. Joseph continues on the course set forth by its founding Sisters, responding to the needs of the times and the community.

Through the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations, the St. Joseph Foundation has been able to provide support for many valuable programs and services.

Endowment fund gifting ensures the growth and sustainability of services which can make a long-term impact in the community.These gifts ensure that valued programs are available to benefit future generations.

Help Provide Service to Those in Need

Sister Jeanne Gengler Endowment Fund

Sister Jeanne GenglerThe Sister Jeanne Gengler Endowment Fund provides financial resources to patients for whom assistance is not otherwise available. Examples of needs that are covered may include medications, hospitalization, transportation to and from appointments, and other medical-related expenses. 

Sister Jeanne Gengler first came to St. Joseph, formerly St. Joseph’s Hospital, in 1931 as a student nurse. She served as president of St. Joseph’s from 1965 to 1980 and led the hospital through an era of rapid growth. Driving a number of expansions and building projects, she helped establish the hospital as one of the largest medical facilities in the state of Wisconsin and a leader in infant care, cancer care, cardiac care, and physical rehabilitation. She also developed a neonatal intensive care unit and hospice unit.

Lillian Heffernan Hospice Fund

This endowed fund supports staff and volunteer continuing education; patient and patient family educational materials; capital equipment, and other needs to serve the best interest of hospice patients and their families. 

Margaret Adlam Patient Assistance Fund

For those who do not have the resources, this fund provides financial assistance to cancer patients undergoing treatment at St. Joseph for whom assistance is not otherwise available for social needs (e.g. transportation). 

Dr. Karlo Raab Neonatal Intensive Care Fund

Dr. Karlo RaabThe Dr. Karlo Raab Neonatal Intensive Care Endowment Fund is named to honor Dr. Raab’s commitment to quality, vision, and leadership in fostering the neonatal intensive care services at St. Joseph. This endowed fund will provide future neonatal resources to ensure the finest medical expertise and technology are available to help improve outcomes and reduce lifelong complications for our tiniest patients. 

Support Clinical Excellence

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare’s values include respect, integrity, development, excellence, and stewardship. The Development behavior states that we value personal and professional growth that combines the physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects of life and work. Many of the following funding opportunities directly support this core value. 

Pugh Scholarship Fund

The fund provides educational financial aid to St. Joseph associates enrolled in a college level health care course. Funds are offered to help associates obtain higher education and foster career development. 

Joseph Wepfer, MD Medical Education Fund 

Dr. Joseph WepferThe Joseph Wepfer, MD Medical Education Fund distributes grants to medical students and other associates who are currently stationed at St. Joseph or who have received a significant portion of their education here.Use of aid from the fund is directed to furthering the education of its recipients in the field of health care. 

Ganser Scholarship Fund

Allocations from this fund help senior nursing students in Milwaukee colleges and universities associated with St. Joseph obtain training and education. 

Klieger Library Fund

This fund supports the acquisition of obstetrics and gynecology educational materials.

Make a System-wide Community Impact

The Wheaton Franciscan Sisters have sought to bring comfort and healing to the communities they serve, ever since their order was founded nearly 140 years ago. This heritage continues to be a vital force today. Additional funds exist to keep our founding Sisters’ vision in action among patients and communities we serve throughout southeast Wisconsin. 

Women's Network Endowment Fund

The Women’s Network Endowment Fund addresses three important areas of health: 

  1. The healthy home: Supporting programs that promote good nutrition and foster a healthy environment.
  2. Improved health care access: Helping bring vital health information and resources to all women, including the uninsured and underinsured.
  3. Education outreach: Helping women attain the latest health information and preventive care.

David M. Sherman Family Endowment Fund

Dr. David M. ShermanDr. David Sherman was a visionary in the development of cancer services within Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. A boardcertified radiation oncologist, Dr. Sherman joined the St. Joseph medical staff in 1991 and became medical director of what is now Wheaton Franciscan Cancer Care. In 2004, two years after his own cancer diagnosis, the David M. Sherman Center for Cancer Care was dedicated in his honor.

Dr. Sherman treated 700 new patients since his diagnosis and ensured that they received the best possible care. Sadly, he lost his own courageous battle with cancer in April 2007.

Your Endowment Gift

Contribute to an Existing Fund

The funds listed above continue to accept donations. You have peace-of-mind knowing that your contributions are earmarked for specific needs which may resonate with your personal giving philosophy.

Create a Named Endowment

With a minimum gift of $20,000 (or $4,000/year over five years), you can insure that care is provided to future generations. You may also establish a named fund to support your particular area of interest.

To learn more about creating a named endowment fund, please contact the St. Joseph Foundation.

Ways to Give

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