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Top 100 Reasons to Get a Doc

There are more than 100 reasons to Get a Doc. Do any of these sound like you? If so, find a doc at Wheaton Franciscan - St. Joseph Campus!

  1. Because you're not feeling well.
  2. Because your kids aren't feeling well.
  3. Because your man isn't feeling well.
  4. Because diabetes runs in your family.
  5. Because you're feeling a little older.
  6. Because your father had heart problems.
  7. Because you're starting to wonder if YOU might have heart problems.
  8. Because you're worried something might be wrong.
  9. Because you don't understand why you feel so weak.
  10. Because you're just not feeling yourself lately.
  11. Because you've been slowing down.
  12. Because you've been ignoring it for too long.
  13. Because people depend on you.
  14. Because your family depends on you.
  15. Before that itch becomes a rash.
  16. Before an ache turns into pain.
  17. Before the tickle in your throat — grows into a cough.
  18. Before tiny issues become real problems.
  19. Because you should treat the symptom and the cause.
  20. Because your mother's heart condition could become your heart condition.
  21. Before your untreated diabetes becomes something much worse.
  22. Because your questions have turned into fears.
  23. Because what could have been prevented now needs to be cured.
  24. Because "just in time" can turn into "much too late."
  25. Because you smoke.
  26. Because you don't want to smoke.
  27. Because high blood pressure runs in your family.
  28. Because you don't know about your own blood pressure.
  29. Because that mole looks different every time you look in the mirror.
  30. Because you can't catch your breath.
  31. Because you want to learn more about wellness.
  32. Because you have questions about your health.
  33. Because you have questions about your family's health.
  34. Because you're pregnant.
  35. Because you want to get pregnant and it's not happening.
  36. Because your stream is weak.
  37. Because you can't afford to be sick.
  38. Because you can't afford not to be healthy.
  39. Because that sharp pain keeps dulling your senses.
  40. Because you're seeing spots, and you're not looking at polka dot wrapping paper.
  41. Because you're not sleeping.
  42. Because you're not waking up well rested.
  43. Because you know your way around fast food restaurants better than the local grocery store.
  44. Because you feel faint – a lot.
  45. Because you're always feeling hot, and it's not because of that new outfit.
  46. Because the emergency room knows you by name.
  47. Because you have weakness in the knees, and you're not around your high school crush.
  48. Because you're thirsty all the time.
  49. Because everything is getting on your last nerve.
  50. Because your friends have started calling you "Wheezy."
  51. Because there's nothing macho about being in pain.
  52. Because your stream is more of a drip, drip, OW!
  53. Because you constantly run to the bathroom.
  54. Because your knees and ankles ache from the all weight that they're supporting.
  55. Because your blood pressure is higher than your IQ, and you're VERY smart!
  56. Because having high cholesterol doesn't win a prize like a high series in bowling.
  57. Because your ratio of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol is bad.
  58. Because you don't "know your numbers."
  59. Because that bump isn't going away.
  60. Because that wound isn't healing.
  61. Because your kids' medical history reads "bronchitis, strep throat, pneumonia." Repeat.
  62. Because you feel sad all the time.
  63. Because your glass is half empty. Always.
  64. Because taking that flight of stairs to your apartment is like climbing a mountain.
  65. Because you can't afford to miss work.
  66. Because your heart keeps racing and you aren't.
  67. Because you want to set an example for your kids.
  68. Because you want to set an example for your mom.
  69. Because you want to set an example for your dad.
  70. Because they won't go until you go first.
  71. Because you've accepted the challenge.
  72. Because you took the dare.
  73. Because you're going to show them that you aren't afraid of the doctor.
  74. Because you're going to show that that you CAN go to the doctor.
  75. Because you want a health care partner that knows all about you.
  76. Because you want a health care partner that knows who you are.
  77. Because you want to know that you'll always see the same doctor.
  78. Because you like knowing that you have an appointment, and the doctor will be there when you are.
  79. Because you miss doing what you used to do.
  80. Because you miss feeling how you used to feel.
  81. Because you need advice.
  82. Because you need to see a specialist and you don't know how.
  83. Because your head feels like it's going to explode.
  84. Because you have that pounding, pounding, pounding headache over and over and over.
  85. Because congestion is happening every day, and you're not on the road in rush hour.
  86. Because you haven't got time for the pain.
  87. Because your legs are swollen.
  88. Because that bug bite has grown to something that bugs you.
  89. Because you want to take care of yourself like you take care of others.
  90. Because those swollen glands won't go down.
  91. Because you can't keep anything down.
  92. Because you won't let illness keep you down.
  93. Because you can't keep putting it off.
  94. Because you shouldn't keep putting it off.
  95. Because that little voice in your head knows something's wrong.
  96. Because you have more than a gut feeling that you need to go.
  97. Because you have no good reasons not to.
  98. Because it's the cool thing to do.
  99. Because your loved one is telling you to go to the doctor.
  100. Because your loved one is constantly telling you to go to the doctor. Just go!! What are you waiting for?

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100 Reasons to Get a Doc