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Spiritual Care at St. Joseph

Meeting Your Spiritual Needs Supports Healing

Spirituality is integral to the wellness of your body, mind and spirit. And the spiritual services team with Wheaton Franciscan – St Joseph Campus is committed to providing you and your family with the support you need on your journey of health and healing.

To request spiritual care services, please call 414-874-4925.

Your Spiritual Care Team

Our chaplains at St. Joseph Campus are from diverse faith traditions and respect all faiths. We are sensitive to the many ways individuals and families approach spirituality and religious practice when faced with life transitions. We also understand the impact that illness has on our patients and their families.

Spiritual Services

The on-call chaplain and spiritual care team offers:

  • Caring, confidential and comforting conversation and listening
  • Comforting presence
  • Crisis intervention
  • Emotional support
  • Communication with caregivers
  • Facilitation of spiritual issues related to advanced directives and organ/tissue donation
  • Facilitation of staff communication with families
  • Grief support related to change, death, loss or transition
  • Education and training to our lay volunteers who provide spiritual care to the sick
  • Spiritual assessment of patients
  • Ritual, blessings, sacraments and prayer
  • Skillful facilitation in the face of ethical questions
  • Worship services

St. Joseph Campus Chapel

St. Joseph Campus also offers a restorative, reflective space to pray, meditate or “just be.” Located off of our main lobby on Chambers Street, the chapel offers a soothing and quiet environment. Spiritual resources are also in the chapel for guided reflections and prayer.

For more information on how the St. Joseph chaplains and spiritual care team can serve you, please call 414-874-4925.