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Employer Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of wellness services and programs for the worksite. We also work closely with our Occupational Health, Physical Therapy and EAP Departments and will make introductions as necessary.

How do I know what wellness programs I should put in place? Where do I start?

Start by calling us! We'll discuss your goals, experience and budget and then put together a customized quote and proposal of our services that best meet your needs.

How do I engage my employees?

This is an excellent question and one that many employers ask. It really starts at the top down. The culture at your workforce is important. You also want to survey your employees to gain their feedback and buy-in to the program. Most employers also use an incentive.

How do I take our wellness program to the next level?

We would love to make recommendations! Contact Judy Gavigan at 262-687-2130 to schedule a meeting so we can learn more about what you are currently doing or have done and where you want to see your program go. A customized proposal will be provided after sitting down and talking with you.

What kind of companies do you work with? Is there a minimum employee count?

We work with small to large size organizations that span a variety of industries. There is no minimum employee number. For references, please contact Judy Gavigan at 262-687-2130.

What are some resources you recommend that would help us with our wellness program?

See our list of resources.

If we wanted a health coach, how many hours a week would she need to be on site?

This would depend on your workforce size and budget. Our Registered Nurse Health Coaches go to work sites a few hours a month to over 20 hours per week. We'll work with you to determine the hours that best fit your needs.

Do you offer telephonic coaching?

Yes, we do.

What are your costs for services?

The services we provide are very cost effective. We'll work within your budget to find services that provide the biggest impact. To obtain a quote, please contact Judy Gavigan at 262-687-2130. 

Do you offer a health risk assessment?

We currently partner with health risk assessment (HRA) vendors. They're the experts, and they provide the reports and screenings. Our Registered Nurse Health Coaches provide the HRA report deliveries. If you do not have a vendor you work with, we're happy to make recommendations.

I’d like to plan an education session for my employees. What is the process for that?

We’d love to send one of our providers to educate your workforce! For a listing of available topics and pricing, please contact Terri Urick at 262-687-2129.

If we have a Health Coach, what reports do you provide?

We'll provide measurement and activities reports. For more information and samples, please contact Judy Gavigan at 262-687-2130.

What does the Health Coach do with the patient information?

Patient information is kept confidential and is protected by HIPAA. No personal information is shared with employers. The employer will receive reports on Health Coach activities, but no names will be tied to that information.

How long does it take to get a wellness plan up and running?

It depends on how comprehensive the plan is. When we provide a proposal, we'll provide a time frame for implementation.

If I decide to work with Wheaton Franciscan Healthy Connections™, what makes you different from other wellness vendors or health care providers?

Our relationship with you is what sets us apart. We want to partner with you to provide the best, most comprehensive plan while being mindful of your budget.