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Business Travel Clinic

Keep Your Employees Healthy While They Travel

Overseas travel for business can be an interesting and rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. With adequate pre-travel preparation, the likelihood of maintaining the health of the business traveler, both during the trip and after, is increased.

For non-business travel assessments and vaccinations, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Sonia Sharma Dhingra or Dr. Robert Gullberg.

For business travel assessments and vaccinations, please schedule an appointment with Kathy Brunell at 262-687-2208.

There are many vaccinations and medications available to prevent and treat travel-related illnesses. Some of these require two to four weeks lead time to become effective, so a phone call to the Travel Clinic should be high on the "to-do" list as soon as a trip is planned. But even if the trip is a last minute endeavor, there are still things that can be offered to reduce the risk of disease.

To help keep the business traveler healthy, we offer the following services:

Pre-Travel Immunization Counseling

  • A Registered Nurse, under the direction of an occupational medicine physician and through client history and current CDC guidelines, will determine which vaccines and medications are indicated.
  • Disease prevention and safe travel practices are discussed, and literature is given, including topics on traveler’s diarrhea and malaria.

Travel Immunizations

  • Recommended vaccines are given to the client, along with written information about possible side effects and benefits.
  • The Travel Clinic is a licensed Yellow Fever Vaccination facility.
  • When a vaccine is given that is part of a series, the client will be reminded when the next dose is due.
  • An "International Certificate of Vaccination" is given to each client, listing the name and date of each vaccine.

Prescription Medication

  • The physician overseeing the Travel Clinic will write prescriptions for any medications that are advised.
  • Malaria prophylaxis.
  • Treatment of severe traveler’s diarrhea.