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Geriatric Medicine & Specialty Services

Many older adults have discovered that a geriatrician (a physician specializing in the care of older adults) brings knowledge and experience that can make a big difference in your health and wellness. Wheaton Franciscan Senior Care has assembled a world-class team of geriatricians to offer the best primary care for older adults.

Primary Care

Geriatricians are expert in dealing with multiple medical problems and chronic illness such as Alzheimer's, arthritis, chronic heart and lung disease as well as other age-related conditions. They use a holistic approach to address the physical, psychological and social problems surrounding the patient and family. Our Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group Geriatricians and Internists will also scrutinize the often-large number of medications older adults take to ensure that they are appropriate and not causing serious adverse side effects.

Specialty Care

From arthritis to Alzheimer's, age-related problems can take the joy out of your retirement years. Our team of specialists include psychiatrists and cancer specialists, who have a special interest in providing care for older adults.

Memory Diagnostic Services

Caring experts assess your problems, develop an individualized treatment plan and share this information with your primary care physician. Patients come to us for our expertise, our reputation for compassionate, unhurried care and our inclusion of family members as vital participants in your treatment plan. The goal is to help you age with vitality and good health.

We can help you or loved one with:

  • Memory loss
  • Balance and walking/falls
  • Weight loss and increasing frailty
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Other aging-related issues

Geriatricians lead our Memory Diagnostic Services at on-site clinics in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa and physician offices in Racine.

Our physicians partner with your primary care physician to best address your specific aging-related health issue.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 414-874-1201.

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