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What Our Patients Are Saying

Our patients have tried fad diets, conventional exercise programs and unsuccessful resolutions. When those didn't work, they turned to our expert ReNew You team to help them make lasting, successful changes that are finally helping them live a healthy life.

Here's what some of our patients say about the impact the ReNew You program has had on their lives:

Chuck O.

“The program is great… it teaches you about eating and eating the right foods. It’s all about your eating habits. It gave me incentive every couple of weeks to work hard to lose a couple of pounds. The staff was behind me. I would recommend it to people.”

Dawn M.

"I learned about the Renew You program from a workplace event that described the program. I decide to pursue this option because my current attempts at weight loss failed. The program offered nutritional, physical and psychological support.

The most beneficial aspect of the program was the nutritional support offered by the registered dietitian. I have specific dietary needs and Kelly worked with me as well and researched food alternatives and websites to help me meet my goals.

The support from other participants and the psychotherapist encouraged me to think differently about my food habits and pursue a healthy lifestyle. The Renew You program balanced approach to healthy eating and living enabled me to reach my personal goals."

George M.

“I really like the concept of the program. Measure your calorie burn at rest, estimate a lifestyle calorie burn and then add in an exercise burn amount. Consume a balanced diet at regular intervals that total less than that amount and you have to lose weight.

I felt the program was organizing all the things we knew, or thought we knew, about proteins, carbs, and fats and put them together in in a way that made sense. … Presenters were all knowledgeable, engaging and interactive. It made the meetings something to look forward to.

I would have to attribute success in the program to having the team and having a partner to go through the program. It is easy to forget new goals or fall back on old habits. The team keeps you going the right way. The weigh-ins every two weeks gave us motivation to show improvement.

With the information I learned and the lifestyle change I have made as a result of the program I have managed to maintain my new weight. Granted it has only been 9 months but I feel confident that I will not go back.

Friends of ours that noticed the change in our weight, have requested info from us and are now signing up for the program.”

Jane A.

"I have been battling with my weight my whole life. While I always had success losing weight, I have never been able to maintain any weight loss, always gaining back any lost pounds and then gaining more. Under the supervision of the ReNew You program, I have lost weight and I feel they have given me the tools I need to keep it off.

Some of the techniques I have learned are being mindful of what and how much I eat, how to read labels, recipes for delicious, low-fat meals, and how to eat out without guilt. I am confident that I will maintain my weight loss and look forward to a lighter, healthier future due to ReNew You."

Ron M.

"My story is one of needing two new knees. I’ve been waiting for technology to advance and to get a little older. My doctor suggested the Renew You program and I signed up. I liked the structure to the program. Everyone at Wheaton and my classmates were so friendly and helpful.

I lost weight quickly at first. About 25 lbs in the first three months. Then I plateaued. I never thought increasing my calorie intake would fix this but it did. I’ve now lost 40 lbs in 5 months and have a better idea of what I need to be successful. I’m still trying to work exercise in. That has been difficult. The classes with the dietitian and psychologist were very informative and helpful. … I plan to attend meetings with the support group and hope my successes keep coming." 

Heather W.

"The ReNew You program is fantastic. I joined the program because it was more cost effective than going to all the required appointments needed to complete my journey for gastric bypass, but I got so much more out of it than saving money. The staff were all very friendly and very supportive as well as helpful.

Thanks to all of them and the things they taught me throughout the meetings have made a world of difference in how I do my grocery shopping. I have a much better knowledge of what is in the food I am buying. I am sure that because of the ReNew You program my journey with gastric bypass and my lifestyle changes will continue to be a success."