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Work Injury & Prevention

The Work Rehabilitation Program at Wheaton Franciscan Rehabilitation Services offers a continuum of evaluation, prevention and rehabilitation services for injured employees. Services are designed around goals to evaluate and increase injured employees’ functional capacity, enhance tolerances and confidence in their ability to contribute on the work site, and educate to prevent re-injury. Medical direction is provided by physiatrists with expertise in occupational injuries.

Ergonomic Job Analysis

Job analysis is a survey of the physical demands of work. The rehabilitation professional observes and measures the force, frequency, and distance required in the job tasks. A detailed report, including recommendations for job modifications, follows the on-site survey. The overall work classification of a job as well as potential injury risk factors and possible solutions are also identified.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

The PhysicalWork Performance Evaluation developed by ErgoscienceTM is a standardized and highly reliable F.C.E. and is backed by published validation research.

The F.C.E. can be used to:

  • Determine work performance after an illness or injury
  • Help make return to work decisions
  • Develop levels and goals for work conditioning rehab
  • Help determine qualifications for disability benefits.
  • Facilitate case closure.
  • Document self-limiting client behavior.

Our comprehensive F.C.E. assesses dynamic strength, position tolerance, mobility, balance, coordination, endurance and fine motor skills. The F.C.E. report is reliable, valid and concise.

Physiatry Consultation

Physiatrists specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation are available at all sites for consultation, diagnosis and development of specialized treatment plans. The latest technology is available in electrodiagnostic testing.

Pre-Placement Post-Offer Testing

Pre-placement Post-offer (PPPO) testing provided by Wheaton Franciscan Rehabilitation Services is developed to measure functional skills of potential workers. Our testing provides employers with specific information on the relationship between critical demands of a job and the physical capabilities of the potential workers. All testing is compliant with ADA and EEOC requirements.

Prevention Education

Cost-effective group education programs provide valuable information on Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) such as cumulative trauma, back anatomy, posture, body mechanics, and lifestyle issues that affect the back. These customized, audience-specific interactive programs include lectures, audiovisuals and class participation. This training can be provided in the clinic or at the worksite.

Work Conditioning

A cost-effective individualized work rehabilitation program provides strengthening, stretching, general body re-conditioning, and endurance building, with focus on a return-to-work outcome. Participants receive personal coaching in safe work-style techniques and body mechanics. Functional capacities are evaluated at intervals to expedite return to work with or without restrictions.

In 2005, our Work Rehabilitation Program successfully returned 97% of the program referrals to the workplace. Statewide, return-to-work rates for work rehabilitation programs as last reported in 1998 was 61%.

For More Information

For further information or to make a referral, please call us at one of our convenient outpatient rehabilitation services locations.

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