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All Saints HOPE Developmental Program

The HOPE Developmental Program is for graduates of the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), as well as infants and toddlers with suspected or at risk for developmental delays or learning problems.

A pediatrician with special training in brain development, along with a therapist and a nurse, will periodically evaluate your child to help assure that his or her potential is reached.

Purpose of the HOPE Program

The purpose of the HOPE Developmental Program is to gather information about your child’s development, and it's intended to supplement regular visits to your primary care physician. Information obtained during the program is often reassuring to parents and primary care physicians. If an evaluation reveals possible development concerns, parents are referred to appropriate early intervention services or a specialist.

By having the opportunity to evaluate your child periodically, we can help assure that his/her potential is reached.

Follow-Up Visits

Here's what you can expect during a follow-up visit:

  • You'll remain with your child during the entire one-hour visit.
  • A therapist will perform a standardized developmental assessment screening.
  • A physician will review your child’s complete medical and developmental history and performs a detailed examination.
  • After the assessment, the physician will discuss recommendations with you.
  • A report will also be sent to your child’s primary care physician, and information may be shared with your child’s outside therapists, if appropriate.

Program Appointments

The HOPE Developmental Program is open Wednesday mornings by appointment.

Program Fees

Services provided through the HOPE Developmental Program may be covered by your insurance provider. Please call your insurance provider directly to confirm medical and therapy benefits.

If your primary care physician does not belong to the Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group, your insurance may require you to arrange a referral to our program. Please bring your insurance card and co-payment to each visit.

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