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Performance Training

Power Up Your Performance with Integrated Performance Training 

Need more strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and illness prevention? Want to run faster, jump higher, hit the ball with more power or prevent injuries? 

If you’re looking to up your game, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare can help. Our Integrated Performance Training (IPT) program offers highly focused fitness and exercise strategies for all ages and levels of play. The goal is to help you reach your optimal performance. 

Our total approach to strength and conditioning includes: 

  • flexibility improvement 
  • stability enhancement 
  • optimal strength training
  • power training to increase the rate your body generates and utilizes force

IPT offers general and specific training programs, including:

    • Quickness and Agility Program 
    • Explosive Power for Lower Extremities 
    • ACL Injury Prevention
    • Dynamic Warm-up
    • Endurance Training

    Personal Fitness Training 

    Personal fitness training can improve overall health and fitness, avoid injuries or help you recover more quickly, find that competitive edge, or set the bar higher for your individual workout. 

    Personal Fitness Training is designed for athletes of all ages, abilities and levels of play. Our program focuses on training muscle groups in activities requiring all movement patterns at varying speeds and produces remarkable results.

    The program includes:

    • Flexibility Training
    • Stability for improved balance and control
    • Optimum Strength Training
    • Maintenance to sustainer optimum levels of flexibility, stability and strength

    Each personal Fitness Training session lasts an hour. People of all fitness levels are welcome, including those who are just starting a program.

    Golf Performance 

    Do you want to hit farther, improve your form and avoid injury? Then All Saints' Golf Performance Program is for you. The Golf Performance Program helps you get into the swing of things by addressing four areas: 

    • Flexibility – Increase rotation for a full golf swing and reduce the risk of injury 
    • Stability – Increase balance and control for a consistent swing 
    • Optimum Strength – Increase your strength for your swing 
    • Power – The key to longer drives

    The first session is 90 minutes, with 60-minute follow up sessions. 

    Dance Performance Training 

    Dance Performance Training is a revolutionary program that includes specialized personal or group sessions for the dancer. Areas of focus include: 

    • Flexibility – Increase rotation for a full turn and reduce the risk of injury from jumps 
    • Stability – Increase balance and control for more consistent turns and jumps 
    • Optimum Strength – For stronger moves 
    • Power – A key to increasing stamina

    Individual sessions are one hour. The length of group sessions varies based on the goals and size of the group. 

    More Information

    To learn more about IPT and specialized programs or schedule your first session, call 262-687-5800. 

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