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Mental Health & Addiction Assessment & Evaluation

Wheaton Franciscan Mental Health and Addiction Care works with you and your family to develop an individualized recovery plan. This plan is based on a complete assessment and evaluation that takes into account any physical and emotional needs in additional to mental health issues and/or addiction.

When you contact Wheaton Franciscan Mental Health and Addiction Care, you will be registered for an appointment. At that appointment, you will complete client information forms. You will also meet privately with a therapist, who will assess your treatment needs.

You may be asked to supply a complete list of all medications (prescription, over-the-counter and herbal/supplemental), along with doses and frequency.

If inpatient treatment is recommended, you also may be asked to receive a medical screening.

We will ask you to authorize the release of medical documents for treatment you received with other medical professionals.

What to Bring

  • Your health insurance card, if you have one. 
  • The name of your primary care physician, nurse or counselor who referred you to us. His or her phone number would also be helpful, if you have it. 
  • A list of any behaviors, thoughts, attitudes or patterns that you would like to talk to someone about.
  • A friend, relative or support person, if you choose. This is not necessary unless you are entering an inpatient program.

What to Expect

Friendly, knowledgeable office staff to help you with questions and lead you through the first-time registration process.

Counselors and nurse practitioners who are experienced in mental health conditions and addiction issues who will help you in a confidential and professional manner.

Your information will be kept confidential.

We will need you to:

  • Fill out a questionnaire about your concerns or condition.
  • Fill out a basic health history form, include your physician’s name, if you have one, and an emergency contact name, address and phone number.


Information about the cost of services is available at the time of admission. Medicaid (T19) and Medicare (T18) are accepted. We participate in contracts with a large number of managed care companies used by many businesses. Most insurance plans are accepted and private payment can be arranged at the time of registration.

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