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Intensive Care

When you need advanced technology and close monitoring by expert physicians, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare’s Intensive Care Units (ICUs) are conveniently located in our acute-care hospitals throughout Southeast Wisconsin and are designed to meet your unique needs.

Intensive Care at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Our ICUs are equipped with complex machines and expert, trained staff to provide the highest level of care to patients recovering from major surgery or severe or life-threatening medical conditions.

ICU for Infants

If your newborn needs special care after delivery, Wheaton is the place to be. You’ll rest assured knowing that if complications arise, you and your baby will be cared for by the most experienced neonatal intensive care teams in the metro Milwaukee and Racine areas.

Find more information about our Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and Special Care Nurseries.

Spiritual Care

Our full-time chaplains are available to you regardless of religious affiliation. We encourage you to discuss any family, emotional, cultural and/or religious needs with our nursing staff. You may request a chaplain visit through your nurses.

Learn more about how our Spiritual Care services can help you and your family.

Visiting the ICU

As a family member or friend of a patient in the ICU, you play a very important role in the healing process by providing familiarity, comfort and loving support. We encourage visits but ask that the following guidelines be honored when you come to see your loved one:

Naming a Spokesperson

Federal law requires that the privacy and confidentiality of all patient information be maintained. The ICU has developed a spokesperson program to help provide the best communication possible while maintaining patient privacy and compliance with the law.

  • Patients or appropriate family members are asked to select one or two primary family spokespersons.
  • The primary spokesperson(s) will receive phone updates on the patient’s condition from the care team.
  • The spokesperson(s) will be provided with direct contact information and can call the ICU at any time for information.
  • The spokesperson(s) will be responsible for passing that information on to other family members or close friends.

Having a spokesperson also allows nurses to spend more time caring for your loved one.

Visiting Information

  • We encourage you to visit between the recommended hours, although visiting is allowed in the ICU 24 hours a day. See the Visiting Hours & Contact Information section below for details on visiting hours and restrictions by facility.
  • The ICU may be closed to visitors during specific periods of the day. During this time you will be asked to step into the waiting room to allow for important communication among health care team members while respecting the privacy of the patient’s health information.
  • Visitation may be limited at other times based on the needs of your loved one.
  • For the protection of all patients, please do not visit if you are ill.
  • We will limit the number of visitors at the bedside due to the size of the patient room and the patient’s condition.
  • With prior approval from the patient’s nurse, arrangements may be made for children under 12 years old to visit. If children do visit, it is the responsibility of family members to maintain continuous supervision at all times.
  • Before entering the ICU to visit, please call in from the waiting room phone.
  • Due to infection control, fresh flowers/plants and any food or beverages are not permitted in patient rooms.
  • Clean hands are the best way to prevent infection. As you enter and leave the patient’s room, please use the provided disinfectant hand gel or wash your hands with soap and water for at least 15 seconds.
  • Cell phone usage is restricted to patient rooms and the waiting room. Cell phones are not allowed in patients’ rooms if in isolation.

Making Visits a Special Time

  • Be positive and share the best wishes of family and friends. Even if they are not as “awake” as usual, they may still be able to hear you. Sitting quietly in the room can also be comforting to the patient.
  • We encourage you to bring a few small mementos such as photos, cards or Mylar balloons to make the room more cheerful.
  • Alarms on the equipment and monitors may sound for many reasons. It does not mean something is wrong. Please do not touch any of the equipment in the room and feel free to ask the nurse if you are concerned.

Visiting Hours & Contact Information

Find visiting hours and contact information by facility:

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints

Closed to Visitors: 7:30 - 8:30 am, 7:30 - 8:30 pm Daily
Phone: 262-687-4224

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Franklin

Visiting Hours: 8 am – 8 pm Daily
Phone: 414-325-4900

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - St. Francis

Visiting Hours: 8 am – 8 pm Daily
Phone: 414-647-5100

Wheaton Franciscan - Elmbrook Memorial Campus

Visiting Hours: 8 am - 8 pm Daily
Phone: 262-785-2151

Note: At Elmbrook Memorial ICU, the patient’s care team (physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, etc.) gather between 9:30 and 10 am each morning to discuss the patient’s plan of care. Family and significant others are welcome and encouraged to participate in these individualized discussions.

Wheaton Franciscan - St. Joseph Campus

Visiting Hours: 10 am - 10 pm Daily
Closed to Visitors: 7 - 8 pm Daily
Phone: 414-447-2000

Note: The St. Joseph Critical Care Unit includes a flexible care model, including traditional Intensive Care as well as a "Stepdown" unit. Patients needing "stepdown" care may no longer need intensive care but still need a high level or monitoring and higher level of care than that provided on a general medical/surgical floor.  

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