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Improving Care for Hospitalized Patients

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare hospitals utilize the services of our own in-house hospitalists who are board-certified internal medicine physicians. They dedicate their careers to the unique needs of hospitalized patients and do not maintain practices outside of the hospital.


If you are hospitalized, your primary care physician may entrust your care to a hospitalist physician. Your hospitalist will visit you daily, monitor your status and inpatient needs, and will consult with your primary care physician regularly. This close working relationship between your primary physician and hospitalist helps to provide you with the highest quality care and service excellence possible while enhancing timeliness of care and cost-effectiveness.

How Do Patients Benefit from Hospitalist Care?

Having a hospitalist is similar to having a primary care doctor with you in the hospital throughout your stay. Our hospitalists are available throughout the day to provide ongoing and immediate care. Your hospitalist is also available to answer any questions or concerns you or your family may have. They are familiar with every department and specialist within our facility and will oversee all the care you receive.

Additional benefits include:

  • Hospitalist are on site for emergency department consultations, readily assisting emergency physicians with questions or decisions about whether or not you should be hospitalized.
  • Inpatient test results and consultations are completed in a timely manner, providing quicker results and more efficient treatment plans.
  • Hospitalists have increased expertise and familiarity in specific disease management common to patients with the same types of symptoms or diagnoses.
  • Primary care physicians are interrupted less in their offices, thereby reducing waiting times and the need to reschedule appointments.

Your Hospitalist & Primary Care Physician

Even though you may not see your primary care physician during your hospital stay, your primary care doctor and hospitalist will be in close communication the entire time. The hospitalist will be informed of your current health, medical history and preferences for specialists. If you have a specialty physician, such as cardiologists, nephrologists, surgeons, etc, they will remain the same and will work with both your hospitalists and primary care doctor.

At discharge, the hospitalist will send your primary care doctor a summary of your hospital stay, test results and medications prescribed. Both physicians will know the next steps in your treatment plan and for your follow up care. If you don’t have a primary care physician, we will work with you at the time you are discharged to find a primary care physician and arrange follow up care with both primary care and specialists, if necessary.

Pediatric Hospitalists

At Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints, pediatric patients who are hospitalized are cared for by pediatric hospitalists. Learn more about the Inpatient Pediatric Hospitalist program at All Saints.

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