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Arctic Front Cryoablation

New Tools for a Cure 

Atrial fibrillation (Afib) is a common heart disorder marked by irregular and rapid contractions in the upper chambers of the heart. It affects approximately three million Americans with over 400,000 new cases occurring in the U.S. annually.

A heart in Afib beats chaotically and faster than a normal heartbeat. When the heart does not contract in a normal rhythm, blood is not pumped completely out of the chamber and may pool and clot. If left untreated Afib significantly increases a patient’s risk of stroke, heart failure, or death.

Ablation Treatments for Afib

Afib can be treated with medications to attempt to control the heart rate and thin the blood, but for many patients, ablation is the treatment of choice because it can potentially cure the disorder instead of just treating the symptoms.

Conventional Ablation

Traditional ablation involves “burning” the heart tissue with radio-frequency energy. While this can be very effective, there are risks regarding damage to the structures inside and next to the heart, as well as risks of clotting during the procedure.

Arctic Front Cryoablation

Pioneered by Dr. Charles Lanzarotti, FACC FACP, Arctic Front Cryoablation is a new approach to treating Afib using cryotechnology to freeze heart tissue. This minimally invasive catheter-based procedure uses a balloon-tipped catheter. Once placed within the heart, the balloon is inflated and filled with nitrous oxide to cool the heart tissue to -80 degrees Celsius. This creates a seal around the vein leading from the heart to the lung that is often the source of rapid heartbeats.

“Cryoablation has been found to be more effective than traditional drug therapy and has fewer risks than conventional radio-frequency ablation,” stated Dr. Lanzarotti. “In the multinational STOP-AF trial, this FDA-approved procedure showed a treatment success of 69.9 percent in patients after one year, compared to 7.3 percent in patients who were receiving drug therapy. It is beneficial for patients who have not achieved success with either a prior ablation or drug therapy.”

With shorter procedure times, fewer risks and side effects, and a much higher success rate than drug therapy, Arctic Front Cryoablation brings the treatment for Afib of the future to Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - St. Francis today.

Radio Personality's Irregular Heartbeat Cured with Cryoablation

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio personality Doug Dillman loves the sound of roaring engines, but racing hearts were a drag on him. Watch this video to learn how his irregular heartbeat was cured with Cryoablation, a gentler treatment for atrial fibrillation offered at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - St. Francis.

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