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CT Heart Scan

Maybe You're at Risk of a Heart Attack. Maybe You're Not.

Coronary Artery–Calcium Scoring, or Heart CT Scan, is a non-invasive test that is quick and painless and can diagnose calcium in the arteries before symptoms occur. Since many people experience a heart attack without previous symptoms, early detection is critical to your health.

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Understanding Your Risks for a Heart Attack

The test uses CT (computed tomography) imaging to capture cross-sectional images of the heart, along with computer software designed to detect and map the location of any calcium contained in your heart.

When one or more coronary arteries become blocked, blood flow slows or stops. This is usually caused by the buildup of cholesterol plaques which leads to “hardening of the arteries.” Research shows a direct link between the degree of calcification in the blood vessels to the amount of plaque buildup.

Who Should Be Screened?

Those who are at highest risk of heart disease have one or more of the following risk factors:

  • Age 40 and older
  • Smoker
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Family history of heart disease
  • Lack of regular exercise and/or overweight
  • Stressful lifestyle

Procedure & Results

A CT Heart Scan is painless and takes just a few minutes. Preparation is minimal as you'll only be asked to refrain from caffeine, exercise and allergy medications four hours before your exam. The exam is performed by specially trained professionals.

Knowing the Score

When you have a CT Heart Scan, results are reviewed by a board certified physician and mailed to you in three to five days. If the results are critical, you will be notified within 24 hours. Plus, you're encouraged to share them with your primary care physician.

The results of a Cardiac CT Scan are given as a numerical score. While a high score doesn't necessarily mean you will have a heart attack, it does provide an absolute diagnosis of heart disease. A calcium score, along with conventional testing and other risk indicators, presents an overall picture of your heart health and is valuable information in charting your care with your physician.

Cost of a CT Heart Scan

The cost of a CT Heart Scan at Wheaton is just $129.00. Pre-payment is required at the time of service, and we accept cash, check or credit cards.

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