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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Wheaton Franciscan Cardiac Health and Rehabilitation is a comprehensive program that works with you from hospitalization to voluntary participation in rehabilitation after a return to independent living. Anyone can participate in the cardiac rehabilitation program with a physician referral. Find a nearby Milwaukee or Southeast Wisconsin rehabilitation facility.

Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation begins during your hospital stay following a cardiac event. Education and exercises start while you are still in the hospital to set the tone for changes you should maintain after going home.

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation provides ongoing support to help you achieve an active and heart-healthy lifestyle after discharge. A physician referral is required for this type of rehabilitation, and it's recommended if you had one of the following:

  • heart attack
  • angioplasty
  • coronary stent placement
  • valve surgery
  • cardiac bypass surgery

The program provides progressive, monitored activity, with exercise programs that are customized to you based on an initial examination, diagnosis and current health status. Heart rhythm, heart rate and blood pressure are carefully monitored during group exercise sessions.

Along with ongoing encouragement and support, continued education is provided in a group setting and covers the following cardiac topics:

  • risk factor management
  • dietary recommendations
  • healthy lifestyle choices
  • symptom recognition
  • safe exercise

Note: The outpatient cardiac program is covered wholly or in part by most health insurance plans, including Medicare.

Adult Fitness Program

If you want to continue a supervised program, our heart nurses and exercise physiologists will plan an individualized program for you to follow. Whether you're working or retired, this program will fit your around your schedule.

If you have no history of heart conditions but have possible risk factors, you can utilize our Adult Fitness Program with a physician's referral to assist with meeting your health maintenance goals. In addition, a more systematic approach to exercise is available for those referred to the program who have vascular diseases, diabetes and other health problems.

Stay Healthy

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