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Gastroenterology & Digestive Health

Digestive health problems not only affect your quality of life, they can have serious consequences if they're not detected and treated early. At Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, our experienced gastroenterology teams will help you take control of your digestive health through the most advanced gastrointestinal (GI) diagnostic and treatment options available.

Digestive Health

Why Choose Wheaton for Digestive Health Care?

At Wheaton you'll receive exceptional care and have access to highly-experienced board certified gastroenterology specialists, multidisciplinary teams, state-of-the-art technology and educational and preventive services. Together, we diagnose, manage and treat a variety of acute and chronic digestive conditions with advanced therapies and minimally invasive options.

If you're concerned about a potential digestive health problem, find a gastroenterology specialist today.

Gastrointestinal Diagnosis & Treatment

Digestive problems may affect anyone, but we offer a wide range of diagnostic tests to help you understand your condition and create a personalized treatment plan together.

We also have the latest and most advanced technologies to help manage your GI problems, including an endoscopic ultrasound system, Fuse® system, BARRX system, ERBE hydrajet system, and spyglass cholangioscopy. In addition to GI treatments, we place a strong emphasis on preventative care through screenings and education.

Warning Signs & Symptoms of Digestive Problems

Don't ignore warning signs and symptoms of digestive problems. See your primary care or digestive health doctor if you experience one or more of the symptoms on our list.

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