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Cancer Care Team

You and your family don’t have to take on the challenges of cancer alone. Benefit from the experts at Wheaton Franciscan Cancer Care who are dedicated to meeting your medical, physical and spiritual needs - all conveniently located in Milwaukee and throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Team

Get coordinated care from specialists who meet regularly to discuss your care and develop the best comprehensive treatment plan for you. Learn more about some of the health care professionals who may be a part of your oncology team.


Oncologists are doctors with advanced, specialized training in diagnosing and treating cancer. Depending on your cancer and its stage, your team may include:

  • Medical oncologist – Treats cancer using chemotherapy or other medications, oversees your general care and coordinates treatments
  • Radiation oncologist – Targets cancer cells with high-energy particles or waves
  • Surgical oncologist – Physically removes tumors and nearby tissue
  • Gynecologic oncologist – Treats women’s reproductive cancers

Other members of your care team may include surgeons, pathologists, dosimetrists, radiologists, pharmacists, and other specialists.


You’ll get to know many nurses during and after cancer treatment at Wheaton, and you can count on them to provide compassionate, knowledgeable care that puts your needs first. You may work with:

  • Advanced oncology certified nurse practitioner (AOCNP®) – Delivers care; may prescribe some medications
  • Oncology certified nurse (OCN®) – Provides general care, education, support and encouragement

Medical & Health Professionals

Depending on your treatment plan, your care team may include doctors who specialize in specific areas of the body, as well as professionals such as:

  • Clinical research coordinator – Manages care and provides support related to cancer clinical trials.
  • Dietitian – Helps you develop good eating habits, manage common side effects, and overcome nutrition challenges before, during and after cancer treatment.
  • Radiation therapist – Delivers your radiation therapy.
  • Pharmacist – Makes sure you’re taking medications safely.
  • Rehabilitation therapists – Help you maintain or regain function after cancer treatment.
  • Genetic counselor – Advises you or your family about genetic testing.

Support Specialists

Get help for your emotional, spiritual and financial well-being when you meet with:

  • Chaplain – Offers supportive listening, prayer and resources for spiritual wellness
  • Financial advocate – Assists with understanding your insurance plan(s) and out-of-pocket costs, and navigates patients/families throughout their care to alleviate financial stressors associated with a cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Genetic counselor – Advises you or your family about genetic testing
  • Oncology patient navigator – Gives you guidance and support throughout your cancer journey
  • Oncology social worker – Provides information on community resources, support groups, home health care, financial assistance and advance care planning

Your Patient Navigator

Count on your oncology patient navigator—a specially trained nurse or social worker—to guide you and your family through cancer diagnosis and treatment. Your navigator will:

  • Review and explain your care plan
  • Help you communicate with your doctors
  • Coordinate your care and support services
  • Assist with accessing outside resources

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