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Genetic Counseling & Testing for Cancer

Genetic Cancer Screening Services in Southeast Wisconsin

Discover if you carry an inherited genetic change, or mutation, that increases your risk of developing cancer. Then, partner with your care team at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare to reduce your chances of developing cancer. Read more below about genetic counseling available to you and contact a partner in Racine or Milwaukee, Wisconsin for additional information.

Is Genetic Cancer Testing for Me?

Five to 10 percent of cancers are caused by gene mutations. You may consider genetic testing for cancer if you or close family members experience:

  • Cancer before age 50
  • Several close relatives with similar types of cancer
  • Multiple cancer diagnoses or a single diagnosis of a rare type of cancer, such as soft tissue sarcomas, pheochromocytomas or medullary thyroid cancer
  • Twenty or more colon polyps
  • Increased risk of hereditary cancer syndromes due to your racial or ethnic group
  • Previous positive test result for a gene change associated with a hereditary cancer syndrome

Comprehensive Genetic Risk Assessment

Start by meeting with a genetic counselor to discuss the benefits, drawbacks and limitations of genetic testing for cancer. During your counseling appointment, you’ll discuss:

  • Your personal and family medical history
  • Your personal risk of developing cancer and your risk for a hereditary cancer syndrome
  • Potential medical, emotional, ethical and financial implications of genetic testing
  • Genetic testing options
  • What genetic testing can and cannot tell you

Your Genetic Test Results

If you choose to take a genetic cancer test, you’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to review your results with your genetic counselor. Count on your counselor to:

  • Help you interpret the results of your genetic test
  • Offer support and answer your questions
  • Explain your risk of developing cancer
  • Provide referrals to physicians and other resources, if needed

Compassion & Expertise

Trust the genetic counselors at Wheaton for knowledgeable, supportive counseling that helps you make an informed decision about whether genetic testing is right for you. All our counselors are health professionals with advanced training in human genetics and are board-certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC).

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