2012 Monthly Doctor Walk Health Tips - Ascension Wisconsin

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2012 Walk with a Wheaton Doc Health Tips

During each walk in 2012, our physicians shared health and wellness tips on specific topics. View the various tips below!

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October 2012 Tips from Mushir Hassan, MD


A number of recent studies have shown that eating fish, 2-4 servings per week has benefits for blood flow to your heart and to your brain. These benefits are seen with fish consumed as part of the diet and were more pronounced than the benefit from omega3 fish oil supplements. Making fish a protein source for 4 meals a week is a good goal for 2013.

September 2012 Tips from Mushir Hassan, MD


A goal should be to get 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity physical activity per week. This would be treadmill walking at 4 mph minimum so the walking is brisk. Ideally 50 minutes 3 times per week should be the goal. 2 days of weight training, in particular, training the core muscles of the abdomen should also be considered.

*Regular exercise is most beneficial in patients who are non-smokers and careful about their diet.