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A New Weapon to Treat Chronic Sinusitis

The sinuses are air-filled pockets that are near the eyes and nasal passage. When sinuses become infected it’s called sinusitis. Infections usually occur after a cold or after an allergic inflammation.

If you live with chronic sinusitis, you know it can affect your quality of life. In chronic sinusitis, the sinus linings become swollen (inflamed), preventing natural drainage of the pathways, leading to chronic infections and nasal blockage.

Usually, your doctor can diagnosis sinusitis based on your symptoms and physical examination.

“Acute sinusitis may get better on its own,” says Dr. Curt Allison, otolaryngologist. “If it doesn’t, your physician will discuss treatment options based on your medical history and severity of symptoms. Treatment most often includes medications. You may also be referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist."

Implant Reduces Need for Oral Steroids

“For patients with sinusitis whose symptoms don’t respond to medications, sinus surgery may be an option,” says Dr. Allison. While sinus surgery is effective in relieving symptoms, some patients’ symptoms return.

To improve the outcomes of successful operations, surgeons often prescribe oral steroids. This anti-inflammatory therapy helps reduce swelling and scarring of the nasal passages, which helps patients breathe easier after surgery.

PROPEL®, a new medical device implant, does just that, but without the common side effects of oral steroids. It's inserted at the end of sinus surgery to maintain the positive results of the surgery, deliver anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinus tissue, and eventually dissolves. Propel® has been shown to decrease the need for additional medication, scarring, and inflammation. This innovative tool is being used by Dr. Allison.

If you have chronic sinusitis, don’t suffer any longer. To learn more about sinus surgery and the benefits of Propel®, schedule an appointment with Dr. Curt Allison at (262) 687-8210.

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A New Weapon to Treat Chronic Sinusitis