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Residency Benefits

Resident of the Podiatric Surgical Residency shall be entitled to the following benefits at the expense of Wheaton Franciscan - St. Joseph Campus, as set forth in the Handbook:

  1. Single or family plan health insurance beginning the effective date of contract
  2. Dental insurance benefits at the employee discounted rate
  3. Term life insurance
  4. Long-term disability insurance
  5. Malpractice insurance
  6. Counseling/psychological support services
  7. Three embroidered lab coats at the start of residency and one coat at the start of each consecutive year of training
  8. Graduation book allowance of up to $350
  9. On-call meal allowance, if applicable
  10. $1,500 and five conference days/conference allowance or forfeiture of the five conference days and up to $1,000 for purchase of educational materials or board/licensing fees
  11. 28 days of Personal Time Off (PTO) to be arranged at the convenience of hospital
    *PTO is not allowed the first two weeks or the last week of the academic year unless approved in advance by the Program Director. Any vacation unused upon termination of this Agreement is lost.

In addition to the above, if the Podiatric Surgical resident has worked a sufficient number of days for St. Joseph or regularly works a sufficient number of hours, as set forth in hospital’s leave of absence policy, the resident is eligible to apply to the Program Director for the following leaves of absence:

  • Family and/or medical leave of absence pursuant to the Wisconsin and/or Federal Family and Medical Leave Acts
  • Medical leave of absence of up to 90 days
  • Personal leave of absence of up to 90 days
  • Military leave of absence during times of war, national emergency, draft or required National Guard or Reserve training. Please refer to St. Joseph's leave of absence policy for further information.

Stipend Schedule

Please Note: This information provided below represents the 2013-2014 stipend schedule.

Level of Training Annual Compensation
PGY-1 $55,400
PGY-2 $56,400
PGY-3 $57,400
PGY-4 $58,700
PGY-5 $62,000

Contact Us

Monica Kurzewski
Program Coordinator
Phone: 414-874-4500