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6 Ideas to Help You Stay Grounded During the Holidays

If you find yourself stressed out over the time and expense of holiday gift buying, you might want to consider another approach!

Reverend Traci Houts, Chaplain at Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Campus, shares six ideas on how to stay grounded and take the focus off the materialistic side of Christmas and the holidays. She reminds us that it’s important to keep some perspective because the holiday season is not about “the stuff.”

  1. Give the gift of your voice. Ornaments, books, or cards that allow you to record your voice make a special and thoughtful gift, especially if you live far away from family or friends. This is something they can keep forever.
  2. Give an experience you’ll have together. Make a meal to share together or consider buying ingredients and cooking together
  3. Give the gift of time. Coupons for shoveling snow, raking the yard, washing car or cleaning the inside, running errands, ironing clothes, cleaning the house.
  4. Give the gift of memories. Make a photo book with meaningful pictures and talk about them together. Find a frame for a family heirloom photo.
  5. Make the world a better place with a gift in someone’s name:
  6. Buying gifts or certificates at small local businesses or those that practice fair trade:

You might just find it’s your best holiday season yet!