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Published on December 02, 2013

What's New in Diabetes Management: Trends & Gadgets

Every year new products come to market for patients with diabetes. These products are making living well with diabetes easier, safer and more convenient. Here's an overview of what's new:


These have become much smaller, faster and more accurate as technology has progressed. Many glucometers have integrated software which allows patients to download and track blood sugar levels at home. Others are even a plug-in for Apple products. Whether a patient needs a glucometer that can help if he or she has vision impairment or if he or she speaks another language, there is one on the market for everyone’s needs

Smartphone Apps

There are a wide variety of smartphone applications to manage all aspects of diabetes care. For children there are interactive games to learn about carbohydrate counting and life with diabetes. Others help take the guess work out of carbohydrate counting at meal times. There are also many glucose logs which not only track blood glucose levels but also carbohydrates, medication doses and exercise.

Some of our favorites are:

  • GoMeals® by sanofi-aventis, US. GoMeals was developed to help people make healthy lifestyle choices at home or on the go. GoMeals app includes: Food Tracker to easily see the nutritional value of the foods you eat from restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Activity Tracker lets you know how many calories you burn during your daily routine. Glucose Tracker is a place where you can record your blood sugar levels throughout the day. And more…
  • My Fitness Pal by MyFitnessPal.com. Food database to help find calorie counts for more than 3,000,000 foods.
  • RunKeeper by FitnessKeeper, Inc. A personal trainer for your pocket! Track your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, and more using GPS and your iPhone.

Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors

Just as glucometers have become much smaller and more advanced so have insulin pumps. These are an alternate insulin delivery system which replaces traditional injections for some patients. Pumps are about the size of a pager and are available with tubing or tubeless. Many have integrated continuous glucose monitor systems (CGMS) which provide glucose readings every 5 minutes and can detect rapidly increasing or decreasing blood glucose levels. Some even stop delivering insulin if blood glucose levels become too low.
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