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Be Healthy

Be Healthy

Get on your bike ... take a walk ... step out with that stroller ... maybe even lift those groceries an extra time or two.You don't need to be an athlete - you just need to get up and get moving!

You'll feel better and have more energy to keep moving. And we've got great ideas to help you along the way.

FOX6 & Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – Making Our Community Stronger. Healthier. Better.

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Find a Doctor

If you're looking for a primary care doctor for the first time, or just want to make a change, we can help!

How to Choose a Doctor

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare gives you many choices in primary care physicians, specialists, and sub-specialists. With us, you’ll have access to more than 1,300 physicians, which includes Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group and independent physicians. Check out this brief guide to help walk you through the decision process of choosing the physician who is right for you.

Online Physician Directory

Search for physicians by name, location, specialty and more - and browse profiles. Many of our Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group physicians have video profiles available and offer online appointment requests.

Wheaton Direct

Our physician referral specialists at Wheaton Direct can help you choose a doctor who's right for you. Call 1-888-WHEATON (1-888-994-3286) Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm.

Why Have a Primary Care Doctor?

Having a primary care doctor can (literally) be a life-saver! Here are the top 3 reasons to have one:

  • You'll Live Longer. People who have a primary care doctor are less likely to die from cancer, heart disease, stroke and many other illnesses.
  • Convenient One-Stop-Shopping. A primary care doctor knows how to deal with everything from helping you through a bout with the flu to back pain and digestion issues, to uncovering serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease. They can treat almost anything. If not, they get you to a doctor who can.
  • Save Time and Money. If you establish a relationship with a primary care doctor, it's easier to get in for an appointment. At Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group, we offer same or next day appointments for out patients who need to see us right away - helping you to avoid an ED or urgent care visit and higher charge.

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