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Tremper Swims for a Cause

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  • Swimming for a Cause
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A couple of years ago, when Fred Pena of Kenosha saw Tremper High School sports teams raising money for meaningful causes, he wondered why the swim and dive team couldn’t raise money, too. So, he set out to make it happen.

In September, with support from parents and coaches, his vision became a reality. The team raised nearly $4,000 for the All Saints Hope Fund, which provides assistance to cancer patients who are in financial need.

“This means a lot to me,” Fred said. “I wouldn’t feel right not doing something. I know what others go through, and I want to help.”

For more information about supporting cancer programs at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints, please contact Chris Krizek, Executive Director of All Saints Foundation, at 262-687-8656 or learn more about how we serve.

Fred & Emily

Fred’s daughter Emily swam in memory of her grandma, who passed away a year before Emily was born. “There’s a reason why we’re doing this,” Fred told his daughter as he showed her photos of her grandma going through treatment. “To know about something is one thing, but to actually experience it is another thing. Through the fundraiser, the kids are learning that people out there need help.”

Kayla & Kyoung

Fifteen-year-old Kayla Duchac swam for her mom, Kyoung, who recently won her battle with breast cancer. “I can’t even explain it in words,” Kyoung said. “I am honored and touched. Thank you to everyone involved with the fundraiser.”

Kyoung is cancer-free after a year of treatments. “I’m a survivor now. I’m happy that I can go on,” she said. “It was a tough year for me and my daughter, but she was there for me. She’s an amazing kid. I’m proud of her and all the swimmers.”

Kimberlee & Cyndi

Swimmer Kimberlee Ruiz swam in memory of her grandmother and great-grandmother, both of whom passed away from breast cancer. “I’m so grateful for the fundraiser,” said Kimberlee’s mom, Cyndi. “You know in your heart what others with cancer are going through. And we are still touched by it.”

Cyndi sees so much of her mother in her daughter. “They say when one leaves, another is brought in, and that was Kimberlee. She carries my mom’s hazel eyes, and her spirit, her spunk, her determination. Kimberlee was just a baby when my mom passed, so she doesn’t understand a lick of it, but we do. And in time, she will, too.”

Until then, Kimberlee is busy swimming and studying. She’s also in band, where she plays clarinet. Just like her grandmother.