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Racine Community Foundation

Racine Community FoundationFor the Racine Community Foundation, there is no greater purpose than to serve the needs of the citizens of Racine County. With that in mind, a grant from the St. Luke’s Hospital Trustees Fund and the Mike and Lynda Mucha Fund has been awarded to support the Wisconsin Avenue Clinic program here at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints.

The Wisconsin Avenue Clinic provides care for the population of uninsured, underinsured and low-income patients who do not have a primary care physician. Often, patients within this category are focused on daily challenges related to shelter, food and clothing and manage their health last. Often long term chronic conditions such as diabetes can be left unchecked for extended periods of time leading to even further complications and life-threatening illness. In the event of a health emergency or even mild ailment, patients within this group often use the emergency department as their primary source of preventative medicine. This form of reactive emergency health care lacks the consistency received from relations with a primary care physician.

Led by Dr. Jesse DeGroat and his staff and in partnership with a variety of community agencies and hospital departments, the Wisconsin Avenue Clinic ensures that patients enrolled in the clinic receive the best possible care to address their individual health care needs. Patients are encouraged to share concerns and take part in the development of their own individualized care plan. Working one on one with their doctor and staff helps them develop a sense of ownership over their own health as well as helping ensure an appropriate level of respect and dignity for the patient.

Thank you Racine Community Foundation, St. Luke’s Hospital Trustees and Mike and Lynda Mucha for supporting All Saints.