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Visiting Hours

Recommended visiting hours are 11 am – 8:30 pm daily.

At Ascension All Saints Hospital, we believe that family and friends play an important role in supporting the health and healing of our patients.

While visitors can positively impact the healing process, we recommend that you limit your visits to the identified general visiting hours so patients can rest and recover.

At certain times, visits may also be reduced due to the patient’s condition and physician's recommendation. Should special circumstances arise, feel free to ask the nurse if alternate visiting hours may be arranged.

Patients in the hospital may have weakened immune systems, so please avoid visiting if you are feeling ill, including symptoms such as cough, fever, sore throat, stuffy or running nose, or stomach irritability. Visitation will be restricted if visitors have an obvious illness or communicable disease.

Visitors should always respect the patient’s wishes while maintaining confidentiality, privacy and security for others. Patients may decide who can and cannot visit. Please discuss any concerns with the patient’s caregiver.

Patients Enjoy a Calming Environment

We want to provide a calm, quiet and healing environment for our patients. Help us achieve this by reducing noise during our daily Quiet Hours from 1-2 pm and 10 pm – 5 am.

Children's Visitation

Children are permitted to visit a friend or loved one. It is the responsibility of the family member to maintain continuous supervision of their children at all times. Any child with a communicable disease or obvious illness will be restricted from patient contact and areas.

For general questions about visiting hours, please call 262-687-4011.

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