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Patient Amenities

Ascension All Saints Hospital is dedicated to excellence and providing exceptional and compassionate health care service that promotes the dignity and well being of the people we serve.

If at any time during your stay you have questions or a concern, please feel free to speak with an All Saints associate or caregiver. Our goal is to make your experience with us positive.

During your stay, you can expect that we will:

  • Respond quickly to your health care needs
  • Give you safe and high quality care
  • Treat you with dignity and respect
  • Maintain clean and safe surroundings
  • Protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your patient information

We are pleased to offer our patients the following amenities.

Parking, Courtesy Van & Valet Services

You'll find free parking at All Saints' two main campuses and Ascension Medical Group locations.

For your safety, we recommend that you remove all visible items like loose change, GPS devices, phones, iPods and other electronic equipment. Don't forget about GPS docks, suction cups, power cords, and any other support equipment. Criminals target vehicles with high-value items in plain sight.


Free Valet parking is available at the Cardiovascular Institute and Atrium entrances on the Spring Street campus.

  • Cardiovascular Institute – 3803 Spring Street | 6:30 am – 7 pm
  • Atrium – 3811 Spring Street | 6:30 am – 4:30 pm

Courtesy Van

Our courtesy van drives throughout the various parking lots on the Spring Street Campus helping visitors and patients easily get around our campus. For a courtesy van, please call 262-687-RIDE (7433). Sponsored by the Volunteers in Partnership with All Saints.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8 am – 4:30 pm
  • Tuesday and Friday: 8 am – 2 pm

Please note: Times may change based on the availability of the driver.

Private Patient Rooms & In-Room Amenities

All patient rooms at All Saints are private, single use and are equipped with a private bathroom and shower, telephone and television. Several rooms are specially designed for certain patient populations.


You'll find a phone in each patient room for your use (except ICU). Family and friends are able to call you directly. The phone number will be written on the white board in the room or on your phone.

Calls coming into each patient room are turned off at 9 pm and turned back on at 6 am. When your phones are turned off, calls are directed to the nurses' station. Patients may call out on their phones at any time.

  • Local calls are free. Dial 9, then the number you wish to call.
  • Long distance calls are best made using a calling card. To use your calling card, dial 9 and then follow the calling card's instructions.
  • Long distance calls cannot be charged to your room. If you would like to make a long distance call, you'll need to charge it to a credit card. Please dial the operator “0” for assistance.
  • Cellular phone use is permitted throughout the medical center unless noted otherwise.
Cell phones are permitted in patient rooms.


If you have a significant hearing impairment and would like to view programs with closed-captions, ask your nurse to make arrangements for this free service.

  • For a list of local cable channels, go to Channel 99
  • The Patient Education Channel is Channel 68
  • Live Mass is on Channel 72 Sundays at noon and Wednesdays at 4 pm
  • The C.A.R.E. Channel offers respite from commercial television, noise, and other stressful distractions. Combining beautiful nature video and soothing instrumental music, this program serves as a therapeutic tool to enhance and promote healing. C.A.R.E. also includes a second channel, which is programmed with Guided Imagery.


A Racine Journal Times will be delivered with your breakfast tray.


A volunteer or nursing staff member will deliver your patient mail to your room. Mail received after you are discharged will be forwarded to your home address. You can give your outgoing mail to the nurse or a volunteer.

Gift Shops & Flower Delivery

Spring Street Gift Shop

The Spring Street gift shop is on the first floor. It is open seven days a week, excluding holidays. For more information about the gift shop, please call 262-687-4310.

Monday-Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday-Sunday: Noon – 3 pm

Wisconsin Avenue Gift Shop

The Wisconsin Avenue gift shop is on the first floor near the main entrance. It is open six days a week, excluding holidays. For more information about the gift shop, please call 262-687-2210.

Monday-Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 11 am – 3 pm
Sundays: Closed

At each shop, you'll find lovely gift items for patients, newborns, family and staff. We also offer flowers, candy and cards.


Flowers will be delivered to patient rooms, but are prohibited in some units, including the Intensive Care Unit.


Patients, families and staff are welcome in our chapels for quiet reflection, meditation and prayer at any time.

  • Spring Street Campus – St. Mary's Chapel is located on the first floor of the main hospital near the gift shop.
  • St. Luke's Interfaith Chapel is located on the third floor of the St. Luke's Health Pavilion.
  • Wisconsin Avenue Campus – St. Barnabas Chapel is located on the third floor.


On the Spring Street Campus, the Library and Community Resource Center is on the first floor near the main entrance.

A fax machine is available only for sending faxes, not receiving.

A photocopier is also available to copy medical-related papers at no charge.

If you are interested in checking out books or AV materials or using the Internet, you'll simply need to fill out a registration form. For more information, call 262-687-4300.

Monday through Friday: 8 am – 4:30 pm


Three retail pharmacies are available for your convenience:

  • Ascension Wisconsin Pharmacy – Spring Street
    3807 Spring Street
    Racine, WI 53405
    Phone: 262-687-8430
    Monday through Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
    Saturday: 9 am –12:30 pm
    Closed Sundays
  • Ascension Wisconsin Pharmacy – Atrium
    3811 Spring Street
    Racine, WI 53405
    Phone: 262-687-1600
    Monday through Friday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
    Saturday: 9 am – 12:30 pm
    Closed Sundays
  • Ascension Wisconsin Pharmacy – Wisconsin Avenue
    1244 Wisconsin Avenue
    Racine, WI 53403
    Phone: 262-687-2150
    Monday through Friday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
    Saturday: 9 am – 1 pm

Learn more about our pharmacies.

Spiritual Services

Your spiritual wellness is important to us. Our ecumenical chaplaincy staff is here to comfort and spiritually support you and your family. Chaplains are here to listen to you as you face important decisions or if you find yourself looking for new meaning and purpose.

If you want to tell someone your story, the chaplain is available to listen. In addition to personal conversations with the chaplain, our spiritual services team serves as patient and family advocates and regularly attends family meetings and care conferences. They are available any time to help you with clinical and ethical decisions as well.

Chaplains can give you times of prayer, sacraments, interfaith worship services, memorial services, and grief support. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be contacted through any staff member in the hospital, or by directly dialing “0”. Your parish priest or minister is welcome to visit, and we encourage you to contact him or her.

Learn more about spiritual care at All Saints.

Care Management Services

Care management services include:

  • Social workers
  • RN case managers
  • Physicians
  • Utilization management specialists
  • Clinical documentation specialists
  • Discharge planners
  • A community health liaison

Our care management staff is available on each hospital unit to help create a safe discharge plan in collaboration with the physicians and nursing staff.

Care management staff can help you make arrangements for:

  • Home health care
  • Equipment at home
  • Other post-acute care needs such as:
    • Rehabilitation
    • Home infusion
    • Hospice
    • Inpatient skilled nursing care

If you think you need one of these services, talk with your physician, nurse or call care management at 262-687-4589. On-call social workers are also available after hours and in the Emergency Care Center seven days a week.

Advance Directives

The care management team can help you complete an Advance Directive. An Advance Directive is a document that allows you to determine your treatment choices when you are not able to communicate your own preferences.

Interpreter Services

If you are hearing-impaired or have difficulty communicating in English, your nurse can help you get an interpreter at no cost to you.

Notary Public

If you need notary public services, ask your nurse. He or she will help you contact an on-site notary.

For additional patient amenities, please call All Saints at 262-687-4011.

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