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Published on April 29, 2015

Wheaton Receives Komen Grants for Breast Health Programs

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare is proud to partner with Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin to provide life-saving breast health programs to our community.

The Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Foundation for St. Francis and Franklin received $67,591 to support ongoing breast health initiatives through its Su Salud program. Su Salud offers bilingual breast health presentations, comprehensive patients serices, and breast cancer screenings in a manner that allows providers to understand, communicate with, and interact across cultures. Su Salud has served more than 3,500 women in Milwaukee since 2004.

As a provider of choice to Milwaukee’s Hispanic community, we recognize that Hispanic women are underserved in the area of breast health; Su Salud provides culturally competent education, patient navigation and screening services to address this.

In its fourth year of funding from Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin, the Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Foundation received $66,310 for the African American Breast Health Initiative at Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph. This initiative is a life-saving program for those women at highest risk for breast cancer.

Aimed at African American women 40 years and older, the initiative provides breast health education and encourages women to receive a mammogram and a diagnostic mammogram if necessary. A focus on the African American population is imperative, as African Americans experience many health disparities. St. Joseph Campus is determined to assist women in breaking down barriers to breast healthcare and connecting them with appropriate resources to do so.

Throughout the past four years, this program has educated more than 1,000 women and more than 500 participants have received mammograms.

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Foundations are grateful for the continued support of,and partnership with, Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin. Together, we can makea difference in the lives of women.

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