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Published on August 03, 2018

The Future of Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital - St. Joseph Campus

An Open Letter to the Milwaukee Community

We are excited to share with you our work at St. Joe's over the last several months.

Ascension St. Joe Campus

Our History in Milwaukee

  • Ascension Wisconsin is committed to continuing our services at Ascension St. Joseph, which dates back to 1879, when three Franciscan Sisters founded the hospital.
  • At that time, Ascension St. Joseph was at the forefront of delivering community healthcare– a bold, new model necessary in a growing city just entering the industrial age.
  • Just like in the late 1800’s, cities today are changing to meet the challenges of the new economy. Healthcare delivery is also changing and becoming less dependent on sick care -- tests and procedures -- and more focused on results and keeping people healthy.

Meeting Today’s Healthcare Needs

To best serve the Milwaukee community, our priority is to get ahead of this change.

For this purpose and with your help, we wish to expand Ascension St. Joseph by combining traditional medical services with related social services, resulting in healthier people and healthier neighborhoods.

As we explore options, our hope is to accomplish two things:

  1. Find the most effective mix of services to improve the health of the individuals we are privileged to serve at Ascension St. Joseph
  2. Have a positive impact on the economic development and revitalization of the neighborhoods surrounding the hospital.

For our part, Ascension St. Joseph is investing in:

    • Quality medical services: including, but not limited to, acute care inpatient beds, ICU, surgery, emergency medicine, OB/GYN and Women's Health and our NICU. We also will be expanding our primary care clinic.
    • Our Ascension St. Joseph associates: who continue to strive to deliver quality healthcare in an age when payments for traditional healthcare services are shrinking.
    • A process to identify partners: to provide compatible services, such as long-term care, multi-generational and multi-income housing, education and job training, transportation, healthy foods and other ideas not yet contemplated, but just over the horizon. We wish to work with health plans that are transforming to meet the challenges posed by new, results-oriented reimbursement models and that are interested in helping to fund the new, more holistic models of care we are building at Ascension St. Joseph.
    • People with experience: who have 21st century healthcare delivery experience to assist us by applying their know-how and sharing lessons learned from other communities that have lived through similar transformations. 

We ask for your:

    • Ideas
    • Help in identifying organizations that wish to partner and collaborate with us to build a healthier Milwaukee, and
    • Patience, as we work through this process.

What’s next?

If you have ideas or represent an organization that may wish to partner with us, please contact Reggie Newson, Chief Advocacy Officer, Ascension Wisconsin, at (414) 465-3435.

Our Commitment

As this process unfolds, we commit to inviting your input and reporting on our progress.

Change is not easy. Together, we can build a new and better model of care and one that will be an innovative model that shines as a beacon of hope for other communities to follow.


Kevin Kluesner, Administrator (CAO)
Robert Stern, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs
Linda Puccini, RN,  Vice President, Patient Care