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Promoting Healthy Communities

Through a variety of classes and partnerships, we work to make our communities healthier. To learn how we're promoting healthy communities, select an initiative below.

Jumpstart to a Healthy Lifestyle

Ascension Wheaton Franciscan - Elmbrook Memorial Campus' Jumpstart to a Healthy Lifestyle program is a holistic approach to well-being and strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection. The program targets those with chronic pain and illness, and scholarships are offered through the Foundation.

Induced Therapeutic Hypothermia

Induced therapeutic hypothermia is a life-saving procedure that has been shown to halt brain injury when applied to patients resuscitated from cardiac arrest. Thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Ascension Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints Foundation, Racine area emergency medical services providers now have the powered coolers and other equipment necessary to perform the therapy while en route to the hospital. This is the first time this therapy has been available outside of the Emergency Department to patients in Southeast Wisconsin.

Save a Life Foundation

Ascension Wheaton Franciscan - St. Joseph Campus is the first and only organization in Wisconsin to partner with the Save a Life Foundation to bring on site first aid training to the community at large.

Based on evidence that basic life-supporting first aid skills have a significant impact on saving lives and reducing disabling injuries, the program provides training in basic first aid and lifesaving techniques for kids as young as four years old to adult seniors.

Senior Exercise Classes

Instructors from Ascension Wheaton Franciscan - Elmbrook Memorial Campus and Franciscan Woods provide free classes for adults ages 65-94 at the Senior Center at Brookfield City Hall. About 70 seniors participate twice a week.

Cancer Prevention & Detection

In partnership with the American Cancer Society, Ascension Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare supports cancer prevention and detection education for the Sankofa Project that focuses on educating the African-American community.

Women of the World Conference

We sponsored the Women of the World Conference, a health and wellness conference, and provided 200 kidney disease screenings for African-American women who attended.

Baby Safe Sleep Program

The Baby Safe Sleep program at Ascension Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - St. Francis and Wheaton Franciscan - St. Joseph Campus provides new mothers with T-shirts and sleepers for their newborns that say “This Side Up,” information on safe sleep and the dangers of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a “New Beginnings” booklet, and Pack-n-Play portable cribs. The donations to hundreds of low-income families reinforce safe sleep practices and promote safe sleeping conditions at home.

Barbershop Men's Health Initiative

The Barbershop Men’s Health Initiative is an innovative partnership between Ascension Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare and barbers in the African-American community to increase awareness of important health issues in Milwaukee’s central city. Since 2005, barbers have been having one-on-one conversations with their patrons about their health and giving them resources to help them access care and eliminate disparities.

Racine Area Public Access Defibrillator Program

The Racine Area Public Access Defibrillator Program (PAD) helps prevent sudden cardiac arrest, one of the leading causes of death in America claiming more than 250,000 lives each year.

Ascension Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints has provided defibrillators in more than 100 businesses, organizations, schools and churches. If the heart is shocked quickly with a defibrillator, a normal heart rhythm can be restored, but for every one minute in defibrillation delay, the chance of survival is reduced by 10 percent.

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