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Feeling Perfectly Healthy?

Now's the Time to Start a Relationship with a Primary Care Doctor

To stay healthier longer, the best time to see a doctor is before you need one. Taking care of yourself while you feel healthy helps prevent serious medical issues from ever arising. With more than 50 locations, many with evening, weekend, and same-day appointments, we make it easy to start one of the healthiest relationships of your life.

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Find a Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group doctor near you. Many of our clinics offer extended hours and/or same-day appointments.

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Why is a Relationship with a Primary Care Doctor so Important?

Primary care is about more than healing the sick. It's also about keeping you well. When you see your doctor regularly, you'll enjoy the many health benefits of primary care:

  • Wondering if you're at risk for a disease? If you see your doctor regularly, he or she will know you and your family medical history and can recommend screenings or lifestyle changes.
  • Regular primary care visits can catch sneaky diseases — like diabetes or high blood pressure — that can linger silently for years without any telltale signs.
  • Primary care doctors prevent and diagnose problems before they become more serious, which can reduce the need for more complicated and expensive treatments later. For example, your doctor can:

If you're making lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking or losing weight, we can help support, educate and direct you to other resources.

Primary Care is Important for Everyone in the Family

Young, older or somewhere in the middle - everyone can benefit from regular visits to a primary care doctor. To help make the right choice for you and your family, see our How to Choose a Physician guide.

About Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group & Metro Physicians

Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group and Metro Physicians is a network of more than 350 primary and specialty care physicians practicing throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Our dedicated physicians and clinicians are tied to the latest technologies and procedures and are dedicated to providing all patients with high quality, compassionate care in an environment that promotes healing and disease prevention.

Our commitment to clinical excellence and to providing a positive patient experience has produced exceptional outcomes that merit regional, state and national honors. We've earned widespread recognition for our physicians, clinicians, and other caregivers, our advanced treatments, and our passion for quality and innovation.

When you come to a Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group or Metro Physicians office, you're not a number; you're treated as a person and a part of our extended family. We recognize health care is complex, and our courteous staff can help you navigate through this as a partner in your health care journey, handling things like:

  • Scheduling your appointment
  • Registering you to see the doctor
  • Helping you schedule any lab or ancillary testing services
  • Help resolve a billing question

All this can be found at one location.

No matter where you live, work or play, there is a Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group office near you. Welcome to our family!

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