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Cancer Surgery

You’ll find high-quality cancer surgery services delivered with a personal touch at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. You’ll know you’re getting great care because our physicians are board-certified in their areas of specialty and assisted by experienced surgical support teams.

When Might I Need Surgery?

Your multidisciplinary cancer care plan may include surgery to help:

  • Diagnose cancer (surgical biopsy)
  • Stage cancer
  • Physically remove all or part of a tumor
  • Treat problems caused by cancer
  • Restore function or appearance after cancer treatment
  • Prevent cancer

Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery

Whenever possible, your Wheaton doctors use minimally invasive techniques to diagnose or treat your cancer. That means you benefit from less pain and scarring, a reduced risk of complications, and a faster recovery. Learn more about minimally invasive surgery—including robotic-assisted surgery—at Wheaton.

Robotic Prostatectomy

Trust the experience of the first urologists in the area to use the da Vinci® robot to perform a robotic prostatectomy. The robotic-assisted surgery allows skilled surgeons to perform complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach.

Interventional Radiology Treatments

Interventional radiologists use imaging technology to guide and deliver targeted treatments. At Wheaton, you’ll find specialized interventional radiology cancer procedures such as:

  • Chemoembolization – Delivers chemo drugs directly to the blood vessel feeding a tumor
  • Cryotherapy – Uses extreme cold to destroy cancer cells
  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) – Uses high-frequency electrical currents to destroy cancer cells
  • High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) – Uses sound waves to heat and destroy diseased tissue specifically for prostate cancer

‘One-Step’ Breast Reconstruction

When you’re facing mastectomy to treat breast cancer, ask whether you qualify for a direct-to-implant, or “one-step,” procedure. If you choose this option, a breast surgeon (Jodi Brehm, MD) and plastic surgeon (Michael Sweet, MD) team up to remove tissue and rebuild the breast in a single surgery. That means you:

  • Avoid the stress and risks associated with a second surgery
  • Achieve aesthetic results more quickly
  • Get back to your normal activities sooner

Surgery: What to Expect

See how to prepare for surgery at Wheaton, including information on:

  • What to expect in the weeks or days leading up to surgery
  • What to do the day of surgery
  • What to bring to the hospital
  • What to expect after surgery and at discharge

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