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  • Q: Why Do Patients Love it Here? 

    Because we love it here. When you enjoy what you do,
    you do it better. Just ask our medical professionals.
    Then ask those who benefit most: our patients.

    All the care you need, all right here.
  • If Ordered Chaos Describes Your Life, We've Got the Doctor for You.

    Early morning, evening, weekend and same-day appointments.

    Find a Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group Doctor
  • It's What You Can't See that Can Hurt You.

    New Fuse® Colonoscopy technology provides twice as much viewing area for superior screening.

    New, advanced colonoscopy technology at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Franklin.
  • Making Our Community Stronger. Healthier. Better.

    Discover 50 ways to help someone who's sick or hurt.

    Making our community stronger. Healthier. Better.

There's More to Our Hospital Than You May Know

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Franklin is designed to make you feel better from the moment you walk in the door. Conveniently located on 27th Street and Oakwood Avenue (one mile south of Ryan Road) in Franklin, our five-story facility offers you the convenience of a full-service hospital with extraordinary patient satisfaction.

We also offer primary and specialty care services and a walk-in clinic in our three-story Medical Office Building, also located on the hospital grounds.

We are proud to feature:

Franklin Upcoming Events

Featured Physician

"I believe knowledge and education empower women to make their own health care choices. My role is to educate women about health issues and give them all the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families."

Dr. Douglas is currently accepting new patients at Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group in Franklin.


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